My Me-Made Closet

Sew U Home Stretch Babydoll Dress

Dressing the Bump

Baby Doll Dress

Colette Juniper Muslin #1

Refashioned Maternity Colette Ginger skirt

Simplicity 1998

Final version of Simplicity 8670 (maternity pattern) in Liberty cotton and Japanese lace

Colette Clovers paired with Grainline Patterns Tiny Pocket Tank

Victory Patterns Ava Top

Not exactly mine but a proud make anyhow!

28 thoughts on “My Me-Made Closet

  1. I just found you through the Colette patterns post (beautiful dress!!). May I just say, you have created EVERY ONE of the patterns I have on my to-do list (except for Burda 7225 and a vintage one my mom gave me). I have been putting things off for too long. These gorgeous pictures are JUST the permission I needed to just start cutting. Thank you! Can’t wait to see what you sew next…ahem, how bout that Burda;)


    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I am very much still a beginner at this fitting game but if you ever need help I can see if I can point you in the right direction.


  2. I just saw your dress on the Colette site and decided to pop over to your blog. What beautiful clothes you’ve made! They all suit you so well. I’m just about to start on my own wardrobe-making journey, and you have inspired me!


    • Hello! Thank you for you kind words. You’re about to start a wonderful journey. I can’t ever think life without sewing. I find it so therapeutic. And the sewing community is so inspiring and encouraging. Enjoy!


  3. Oh Lordy…thank-you Colette for introducing me to you! You are inspirational!!
    I just adore adore adore all of your pieces and SO in love with your Alice in Wonderland Ginger!!
    I’ve been feeling a bit blah about my sewing lately but not now…you have me EXCITED.
    Thank-you and great job.
    Can’t wait to read more 🙂


    • Hi Hanna! Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I have definitely gone through some blah moments, so I can relate. You will power through and be so happy once you do 🙂


  4. What a gorgeous woman you are! The outfits are so beautiful and nicely made, colours, fabrics and modeling. Very impressive…all that clothe? I need to hurry to catch up. I have just started to make more stuff for me soon I will blog about it, I just need a hair cut!! I make my daughter’s clothe since she was 2 and I think I sew something 3 times a week, but children’s clothes are easy and cost less than adults. But now I have committed it to make everything I wear. Keep up this sewing vibe to get others inspired!! Cheers


  5. Wow, I absolutely love your style. Incredible talent! Congratulations on your baby boy! I’m part of the BMC and would love to meet up sometime.


  6. I just found your lovely blog via Steph’s Cake Patterns. You have some gorgeous clothes here, and I’m really looking forward to reading all about your makes.


  7. Wow! That is one amazing wardrobe. I’ve only managed to sew two items of clothing for myself and found it incredibly hard. I have huge respect for anyone who can make their own clothes. Yours all look fantastic!


  8. I found you when searching for images of the Alder shirt dress and I’m so excited! I love to make my own clothes and I love your style – and the fact that we appear to be similar body shapes. I can’t wait to explore your blog 🙂


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