Darling continued …

Darling Ranges Dress, wearable muslin

After 18 days without Internet I am back online. A new cable wire needed installing and that required planning permissions and a big fat side of patience. I’ve been sewing away and really can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to. But before I do I have to share where I went wrong with fitting Darling.

Initially the bodice was too small. I cut out a new one (not leaving enough fabric for sleeves, hence the sleeveless version shown here). And I added some ease. Way too much of it. But here’s the kicker…I then took away a wee bit too much. D’oh! But I’ve settled on a nice measurement that should be just right. I’ve also decided to lower the darts because they look quite strange on me as is.

Darling Ranges Dress, wearable muslin

Thank goodness for cardigans. It manages to hide all the imperfections and makes this muslin wearable.

Darling Ranges Dress, wearable muslinFitting this dress has fueled my persistence. I refuse to set it aside until I am happy with the results. And I am okay with that. I have seen some lovely versions of Darling, and *stamps foot* I want one too! I bought a beautiful grape purple poplin that should work perfectly for the final (please let it be the final) version. But I won’t cut into it until after my fitting class. Yes, this pattern has driven me back into the classroom! And I am looking forward to it.


29 thoughts on “Darling continued …

  1. Very nice! I love those tights! I’m glad you finally got your internet situation worked out, although it’s slightly comforting to know that annoying internet providers aren’t solely a US thing. πŸ™‚


  2. Yay for having the internet back! And yay for going on a fitting course. I am sure that you will find it reallly rewarding. The courses at Morley look fab, what a pity they don’t offer some (like their history courses) in the evenings.

    I love these photos, especially the first one. I think the belt adds a lot to your final outfit as well as the cardi.


  3. oh boo, my comment went into hiding! I’m impressed by your perserverance – any tips on how to achieve it? And this version is so nice, imagine how great the next one will be!


  4. Lovely photos! It looks like Epping Forest, but I’m guessing you didn’t wander this far north east to snap away. Where is the fitting class you’re taking? Good luck with it. Your dress is so nearly there and this is testament to huge patience.


    • We took took those photos a few minutes from us, in Highgate Woods.

      The class is at Morley College, 24-25 March. I’m a bit nervous that I won’t learn enough in two days but maybe I will. Here’s hoping!


  5. It looks like a great casual dress, nice job. And well done for persevering – I’m surprised you still want to wear it after all the stress! πŸ™‚


  6. i think it looks great. I had a problem with the darts as well. I think they are made for a very small busted person. Can’t wait to see your non muslin.


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