Jasmine+Madeleine=Happy Mela

From all the Victory Patterns it was the Madeleine pattern that I was most drawn to. I love how flirty flared skirts look. When it came to making Madeleine I was quite nervous. At the time I hadn’t made a lapped zip or top-stitched a garment so heavily. I actually experienced my first thread emergency. I ran out of top-stitching thread and had to run out to Rolls and Rems to pick up two more spools.

Sewing up the skirt was relatively easy. I graded the pattern up one size and cut off 3.5 inches from the hem. The only real issue that occurred was that my waistband still came out short. I had to improvise and make a loop to catch the button on the back. Worked pretty well, I think. The only other hiccup occurred when some of the top-stitching DISINTEGRATED on one of the pockets. I had to stitch it again by hand because the dress was already completed. Upon inspection you might notice the crooked stitches but I doubt anyone will be looking that closely.

The inspiration behind the fabric color is my upcoming 10 year (!!!) college reunion. Recently I purchased my plane ticket and I pictured wearing a green Madeleine on the flight. Our university colors are green and gold. Although I didn’t pick the right shade of green I much preferred the kelly green. I purchased the fabric from an eBay seller and I am really considering buying more to make a cropped pair of the Colette Clover. The cotton drill is so soft, has a bit of stretch and it worked beautifully.

Victory Patterns Madeleine Skirt

After I finished making Madeleine I knew a great compliment to it would be a Jasmine blouse. I used some navy floral fabric I picked up during Karen’s Fabric Fandango. Now that I look at the two together I’m not sold. I swear the look worked in my head. I am totally not on my way to a dairy farm or to sing in the hills of Austria.

Victory Patterns Madeleine Skirt

But I will admit. I LOVE the way the navy floral fabric compliments all the details in the skirt.

Victory Patterns Madeleine Skirt

Great roomy pockets to smuggle in candy into the movie theater (Muahahahahahaha). If I make the skirt again I definitely will trace two lines on the right side pockets instead of one. My second line came out a bit wonky without a line to follow.

Victory Patterns Madeleine Skirt

I bought these buttons from Totally Buttons and I love them. They are so so sweet.

Victory Patterns Madeleine Skirt

My improvised button loop. Can I just say that the lapped zipper might be the way to go? So pretty and easy.

Madeleine Skirt, Victory Patterns

I think I am going to sport the skirt with a simple t-shirt. The skirt is such a statement piece that it should not compete with a top.

Colette Jasmine Blouse

This is my second Jasmine. I made it especially for the skirt but have decided to wear it on its own. It’s a bit roomy and I am thinking I will take it in on the sides a bit. I don’t know why with dresses and blouses I under-fit or over-fit. It seems skirts are just my thang. Working on making them all my thang.

Loving coffee

After so much modeling I happily rewarded myself with a nice cup of coffee. Oh! Notice the headband? Skirt scraps I turned into a headband. Won’t be pairing that with the skirt in fear of looking too matchy matchy but I love the way it looks with the new Jasmine.

36 thoughts on “Jasmine+Madeleine=Happy Mela

  1. Gah! I love both these pieces, but especially the skirt! I love the navy stitching against the kelly green. Interestingly, the waistband came out short on mine too. I thought it was just me doing something dumb, but now I’m wondering if it’s the pattern.

    As I was reading, I was thinking, “That skirt would look awesome with a navy and white striped tee.” And then I scrolled down more – ta da!

    I think your Jasmine looks great. You seem to be having a lot more luck with that pattern than I am!


    • You can totally do what I do! I took up sewing a little over a year ago. There are so many cute sewing cafes in London that offer great one-off classes. At the very least you can try and see if you like it.


  2. Darling, Mela! Both pieces are great – I love the skirt’s color and it looks fantastic on you. Your Jasmine looks great paired with it but I love how your wearing it further down untucked.
    My ten year reunion is coming up as well! I’d really like to wear handmade pieces to the events but I have no idea what I want to make.


    • Thank you.

      I have been really been wondering about doing my own college reunion challenge. I’d love to make all my garments for trip. I’m still thinking about it because I can’t decide on what to make.


  3. Awesome Mela! I love both of these now I wish I hadn’t just spent £30 on exercise clothes so I could get these patterns instead!
    Hope your reunion goes well lovely x


  4. Those pieces are both GREAT! You absolutely rock the Jasmine blouse! And that skirt pattern is high on my wishlist. It looks so striking with the navy top-stitching. And as for the matching headband? Brilliant touch!


  5. I like the skirt and top as a combo, but if you’re not sold, you’re not sold. Well, you’ll just have to whip up another Jasmine in plain navy I think and do a bit of colour blocking!


  6. Hi Mela,
    Both of these projects turned out so great! I hope sure you’ll get lots of compliments on the way to your reunion. I wanted to give you a few tips so that if you make this project again, the waistband will give you less trouble.
    The front and back skirt pieces are curved at the waistline. This results in this edge having a partial bias, which makes the waistline stretch out. When you sew this curved edge to the waistband, the skirt waistline can easily stretch out longer. The intention is to ease the skirt into the waistband. To make this less tricky, there’s a few things you can do…
    You can start by stabilizing the curved edge of the skirt pieces by sewing a staystitch in the seam allowance. This helps to reduce the amount of stretch along the curved. It’s important to make sure the notches remain aligned, and the fabric is eased in between these points. When easing the waistband and skirt pieces together, or easing anything in general, it’s always a good idea to position the piece (skirt) that is to be eased in is on the under side against the feed dogs.
    This way, the feed dogs’ “pulling” action will help to retract the extra length. Also, it gives you the ability to tug on the waistband piece, as it will be on top.

    I hope these tips help. Have a great time at your reunion! You look beautiful!!!


    • Oh yes! Thank you so much. After wearing the skirt for the first time yesterday I definitely want to make it again in a light denim. It’s such a pretty skirt. Thanks again for the tips!


  7. Mela, talk about cute! I love both of these new clothes. The Madeleine is so sweet, & I love the colour on you (with headband!!). And the Jasmine is so flattering – it is really pretty. Altogether lovely lovely lovely, & OK, so the stripey top is even better with the skirt – shows how useful it is going to be. Have a great reunion


  8. I came over from Karen’s link (Did You Make That). Gah! I love your style from the few posts I’ve looked at. The Madeleine is one of my favorites from Victory Patterns. Yours in the green is so great. I love the look with the Jasmine, although I can see what you’re talking about (I wouldn’t have thought that on my own, though).


    • Thank you! Thanks for stopping by!

      Seeing the outfit in photos made me think dairy maid a bit 🙂 But the skirt is definitely a favorite if mine. I definitely will make another.


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