Vintage Simplicity 4212: A grading success story

Me Made May Day 27My newest blouse is easily by far my best sewing achievement. I almost cried with happiness when I finished the last stitches without any big hiccup. I really worked hard to get this blouse right. During some past attempts at grading I would miss a step and without any proper notes written I usually started again from scratch. Not with this blouse. Oh no…I took notes in a sewing designated notebook.

For my muslin I did the following changes to the pattern, a bust size 40:

1. Added 1 inch to each seam to the back and front bodice pieces (4 inches in total added)
2. Added 1/4 inch to sleeve cap and 1 inch to sleeve width

For my final version I changed the following:

1. Moved the shoulder seam back by 2 inches
2. Shaved off 2 inches from the bodice armscye
3. Lengthened the bodice by 2 inches
4. Left out the lace.

Me Made May Day 27 (My husband's birthday)I am quite the happy bunny with this blouse. I love the fit and would love to give myself a medal for proving to myself that I really can make a well-fitting blouse. I had doubts, y’all!

Me Made May Day 27 (My husband's birthday)

The fabric is a cotton-silk blend purchased on Goldhawk Road during the Fabric Fandango meetup. I first wore my blouse on Me-Made-May Day 27, also my handsome husband’s birthday.

Me Made May Day 27 (My husband's birthday)Maybe I lucked out with my calculations and construction but I think I am sold on vintage patterns. The blouse is so feminine and complimentary. And the construction wasn’t as complicated as I imagined it being. I’ve since added a couple to my pattern collection.

Vintage, 1969


29 thoughts on “Vintage Simplicity 4212: A grading success story

  1. Wonderful!!!!! I’m so happy for you and I understand that ‘I could cry’ feeling when something turns out well. This reminds me of a J-Crew floral blouse that was all the rage and sold out.


  2. Wonderful work! It’s nice to see your sweetheart, I love seeing peeks into my blogging “family’s” personal life


  3. Awh you two are just so cute! Congrats on the blouse – it’s stunning and I absolutely adore that fabric. I may have to hotfoot it to Goldhawk road just for that. Really lovely Mela 🙂


  4. What an achievement Mela, you have every reason to be proud of yourself! I’ve been waiting to see what you made with this gorgeous fabric and you certainly chose well. What a well-deserved successes indeed! And your vintage patterns are so gorgeous!


  5. What a beautiful blouse and what a great job you’ve done of it. Belated birthday wishes to Hubby…you two are a gorgeous couple.


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