I don’t drink (hot) tea nor do I eat mustard…

…but I will wear them.


Tea dyed crochet trim with mustard shirting. Perfect combo.

The Jasmine pattern came together pretty fast and easy. There’s not much to say about the construction except that I’m sad I didn’t bother grading the pattern up (like usual). I assumed because the pieces were cut on the bias the shirt would have enough give. Silly, Mela. Silly, silly, silly.

Loving the trim, not the wrinkly bust

But I do love how it came out. The crochet trim is a great way to go. So glad I followed in the steps of Miss Patty Snug Bug. I’d love to make another (that fits properly) in a yummy silk. Just like Patty. Have I mentioned how much I love her style? Cause I do.

Finished my first blouse with sleeves. Booyah.

35 thoughts on “I don’t drink (hot) tea nor do I eat mustard…

  1. Very pretty! I have my fabric picked out for my Jasmine but I’m in a bit of a “no sew” zone. Perhaps this is the inspiration I need to get my act together πŸ™‚


  2. Absolutely gorgeous Mela! Love the colour and the lacy detail. Also loving the effects on the pics too – how’d you do that? So pretty and atmospheric… πŸ™‚


  3. Wow! Your blouse is SO cute! The colour looks really good on you!
    By the way, you are the winner of pattern 3 on my blog! Congratulations! Can you send me your contact info at AllStyleAndAllSubstance(at)gmail ?


  4. It looks gorgeous! The shoulders look about right to me, so maybe a FBA would solve the pull lines? Otherwise it looks great and the colours are beautiful. It’s definitely wearable and I can see it being worn a lot!


  5. This is beautiful Mela, shame about the fit. But it really doesn’t look bad, can you not just wear it anyway? Just a head’s up, I’m so going to copy you regarding the crochet trim…I love it so much! Can I ask where you got yours from…the width of it is perfect!


    • It was originally 1.5in. and it shrunk in the dryer. It’s now an inch wide, so 3cm. I got it from ebay. The seller was called waywayshop. My only reservation with suggesting this seller is that they were suppose to send me 5 1/2 yards and I actually got 4 1/2. Hopefully you can find something similar from a better source.


      • Thanks so much for this! Funnily enough I’ve bought some lovely crochet trim from this seller before so I don’t know why I didn’t think of it – LOL! I’ve never measured my trim from there before, but I will now ;o)


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