Sewist Meetup at Sissinghurst Castle (Me-Made-May Day 25)

Sissinghurst Castle, Kent

No one can argue that the sewing community is a wonderful one to belong to. I find myself very fortunate to be part of such a welcoming and opening group of people. I love meeting up with fellow sewists and chatting about projects and just life in general. So it’s to no surprise that I jumped at the opportunity to meet up with Claire. We met at the OWOP cocktail meetup.  She casually mentioned she lived at a castle and I basically invited myself over. I can be a bit shy at times but not enough to miss out hanging with a lovely sewist at her castle!

Sissinghurst Castle, KentOkay. So Claire doesn’t live in the castle. As a gardener for the Sissinghurt Castle grounds she lives in the most adorable cottage ever.

Claire and me

Here we are looking adorable in our me-made outfits. She’s wearing a sweet swiss dot Sorbetto and an awesome Ginger skirt. I’m wearing my new self-drafted circle skirt.

But before I go on about the skirt. Check out the grounds she calls work and home.

Sissinghurst Castle, Kent

Sissinghurst Castle, Kent

Can you imagine this place being at your  front door?

After a lovely guided tour around the famous gardens, Claire took my friend and I back to her cottage for some tea and delicious carrot cake. She even gave us some cake for the train ride home. It was just as tasty the second time around. Thanks so much for the awesome hospitality, Claire!

Tea with Claire

Now for the skirt. I drafted a full circle skirt using two tutorials: Patty Snug Bug’s Circle Skirt calculator and Casey’s Circle Skirt Sew-along posts. For the waistband I just used the one I drafted for my gathered skirt. For a full skirt I used about 2 meters of cotton twill fabric. It was 60 inches wide. Any less and I would have had to sacrifice length and I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to do that. In hindsight I’ll make a shorter one next time.

Circle Skirt

I do love how the skirt swishes about as you move. I can easily imagine myself swing dancing with Greg while wearing it (with shorts of course!).  I definitely think this skirt will get a lot of wear.

Sissinghurst Castle, Kent

My favorite part of the skirt is the slashed open zipper. The skirt has no seams so I was quite curious about how I was going to insert a zipper. Casey’s tutorial helped with that immensely.

Me Made May Day 25

Another Me-Made day completed! Five more to go!

Me Made May Day 25

16 thoughts on “Sewist Meetup at Sissinghurst Castle (Me-Made-May Day 25)

  1. Eeeeee! I’m so jealous!!!! That looks like an amazing place to visit and to live! I lived in England for a year as a kid, and I have the strongest memories of the amazing historical buildings – We don’t have anything like them in Canada!
    Love the circle skirt too – Looks fun to twirl in!


  2. You are so fortunate to be in a part of the world that has castles. Great photo ops!
    Love the circle skirt. Perfect fabric to dress up or down.
    Ugh. How was the hemming?


    • The hemming was surprisingly very easy. I used a curved template to start me off and then I finished it off. I think there’s about 2 meters in that skirt it took ages to get around twice!


  3. Wow, those grounds are exquisite! I can see why you wanted to visit! Bravo to the gardeners and landscapers! I knew all that rain had to bring some serious greenery!

    I love your outfits. You’re very inspiring m’dear!


  4. Wow – I’ve been meaning to get over to Sissinghurst as I’d heard the gardens are lovely – and they are! So lucky. The new skirt is awsome too. Love the colour.


  5. Really lovely to have you to visit! what a great afternoon … sunshine, flowers, cake and some sewing chat! Do come again! Claire x


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