My Growing Wardrobe

When I found out I was pregnant I felt fortunate to know how to sew. As a plus-sized woman it can be difficult to find well-fitting, fashionable clothes. Since learning to sew I’ve come to feel good, real good, in the clothes I make. And still do, eight months into pregnancy. I accept the numbers on the scale, those one the measuring tape and just go from there. I made some great pieces that proved to work well throughout my pregnancy and I can’t help but breathe a huge sigh of relief. Only one maternity dress didn’t make it into this stage of the baby-making process (looking at you, Simplicity 1998 ). With a combination of previously owned ready-to-wear pieces that still fit, my me-made maternity wear and a few maternity pieces I bought on sale I’ve had quite a fun time with maternity fashion.

When I found out I was pregnant I was determined to show the positive energy I was feeling in my appearance. The bright colors and flirty fashion choices continued. And here are the me-made winners that have made it with me into the third trimester.

Purple Sew U Home Stretch Dress Purple Babydoll dress from Sew U Home Stretch.

Pregnant or not, make this dress. It’s so cute and ΓΌber comfy.

Red/Navy Sew U Home Stretch Dress Red/Navy Babydoll Dress from Sew U Home Stretch

Cicle skirtSelf-drafted Circle Skirt and Colette Jasmine Blouse

Feeling sassy? Make a circle skirt and sashay about. You won’t regret it.

Maternity Ginger SkirtRefashioned Colette Ginger Skirt

I’m glad I was able to save this skirt from the donation pile. Adding a tummy band quickly made it wearable.

Stripey Skirt Stripey Skirt based on an existing maternity skirt

This skirt is my jam. I love it so much.

Liberty DressMy favorite and most loved, the Lace and Liberty 1970 Maternity Dress

I’ve really enjoyed sewing and dressing for my ever-changing body (refashioning jeans came in handy!) and I wouldn’t do anything different if I can do it again. A good mix of RTW and me-made pieces helped me until the near end. I never overexerted myself to make more. But now, with 4 weeks to go, I’m tempted to make a few more pieces :). But the logical thing to do is stay content with what I have and call it a complete maternity wardrobe. And make baby stuff instead πŸ™‚


63 thoughts on “My Growing Wardrobe

  1. I think the circle skirt and stripey skirt are my favourites.
    Good for you in embracing the body that you have. Pregnancy suits you well!
    I can’t wait to see this baby!! I hope you share if you feel okay putting pics of kids on the interwebs…


  2. What an awesome recap and a wonderful success story! It’s an inspiration that you have this many pieces that work so well for you. I bet you’re quite excited to get your sewing space back. πŸ™‚


  3. Mela, you have the most stylish maternity wardrobe I’ve ever seen…what an inspiration! I love all the pieces, but I think your circle skirt idea is so imaginative. Lovely to see you looking so well!xxx


  4. You are definitely the most fashionable mum-to-be I have ever seen! I love the striped skirt and the self-drafted ones the best. I always admire how you knew your style and just went for it. My dream wardrobe would be inspire by items from the 20s and from the 50s, 60s and 70s.


  5. You look amazing dear. So pretty. It’s not fair. My nose was all swollen at this stage, and there here you are, looking beautiful. Not fair I say. OMG you have no idea how much I missed u on Saturday. We need to Skype one of these days. Let me know when.


    • Aw thanks. If it makes you feel better, two weeks ago I broke out like a teenager before their first dance. Not pretty. Let’s Skype! Email me when you have a free evening. I’m pretty open.


  6. You look so great in all those outfits! RTW maternity stores should be paying attention and taking notes! I say make baby stuff. When the baby comes, you’ll be glad you did!


  7. You look fantastic. And I love, love, LOVE that stripey skirt. I want one. You made some really awesome maternity pieces. Good luck with the next four weeks! I’ll be excited to hear about the babe!


  8. There is a (Aussie rules football) saying here in Oz, “the countdown to the bouncedown” and when I was a Midwife I used to say it a lot, that is definitely the stage you are at! Your use of colour and texture, your lovely tights and beautiful shoes… you are one stylish mum-to-be! Good luck and best wishes for the next month or so, hope all goes well for you, your Partner and your baby πŸ™‚


  9. What a stylish bunch of outfits – you ended up with a great collection. You look fantastic in all of them and those babydoll dresses look so comfy. Hope you’re making some lovely stuff with those delicious looking lemons too!


    • Thank you. The stripey skirt is definitely one of my favorites. It’s super comfortable and so flattering. People often say not to wear stripes because they make you look bigger. I find it the opposite in the case of this skirt. It’s magical!


  10. I love that you kept your groove! I turned into a sack-lady when I was at that stage. I think it is all about that positive energy you mention – you have injected such a lot of it into your maternity wardrobe – fab fab fab!!!


  11. Lady you look lovely! And i’m so jealous of the beautiful lemon tree behind you in these pics! However i do vote for baby clothes, they’ll be good quick projects for you and i’m guessing you won’t have much time to sew for a wee while once you baby is born :o)


  12. Sassiest. Maternity Clothes. Ever. OMG I am having total wardrobe envy- you look absolutely smashing! And that stripey skirt? I need to make one of these STAT! I can’t beleive you’re at 8 months- it’s gone by so fast!


  13. You’ve got some great style, maternity and otherwise! I love the colors and silhouettes you’ve gravitated towards! I’m curious to see if you stick with fun, unusual colors for baby’s clothes!


  14. How I wish I could sew my own maternity clothes like you do! The styles and colors you picked are very flattering; especially the circle skirt and the jasmine blouse. Really nice combo!


  15. Oh wow – you have the best maternity wardrobe! And being pregnant looks like it suts you. I love all of it and you have made me rethink trying the Sew U baby doll dress. I still think the liberty dress is fantastic. Good luck with the next few months, I am thinking of you πŸ™‚ xx


    • Thank you Debbie. Definitely give that Sew U baby doll another try. It stitches up quickly and it’s quite easy to fit. My two favorite things: fast and easy πŸ™‚


  16. Melizza, your clothes, your pictures are gorgeous and you are absolutely glowing! Thanks for sharing your joy with us. I wish you all the best with the last few weeks of your pregnancy. xo


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