OWOP: Day 7 with Stripey Ginger

OWOP Cocktails!

Yesterday was the last day of OWOP. I really had a great time doing this challenge. It forced me to think outside of the jeans-and-t-shirt box and spruce up my look a bit. I definitely felt extra special every day because I knew I actually spent time deciding what to wear.

A group of us celebrated the end of the challenge with a few cocktails and friendly chatter. Meeting up with fellow stitchers never gets old. On the contrary. I look forward to meeting up more and more. It’s nice to chat about your hobby with someone who understands what you’re on about. Poor hubby just grins and nods when I explain what I’m trying to do with a garment. Bless.

A great night is always guaranteed when you mix three things together:

1. Alcohol

OWOP Cocktails!

2. Chocolate (Find my tutorial on how to make these lovely macarons/macaroons here).

Macaron tutorial

3. Great company.

OWOP Cocktails!
Stitch and Witter and House of Pinhiero

OWOP Cocktails!Pimp My Curtains

OWOP Cocktails!

Did You Make That, Auxetically and Lazy Stitching

OWOP Cocktails! Pimp My Curtains and Claire

OWOP Cocktails!

Tilly and the Buttons and Did You Make That

OWOP Cocktails!

What fun!

Thanks to Tilly for thinking up an awesome challenge that got my creative juices flowing. Thanks to Karen for organizing another fab meet-up. And thanks to y’all who humored me by listening to me go on and on about The Tube. I am obsessed with that show!

24 thoughts on “OWOP: Day 7 with Stripey Ginger

  1. Gorgeous final outfit Mela and it looks like you ladies had a great time! I’m so going to try your macaroon recipe…macaroons are my all-time favourite treats!


  2. Thanks so much for making me feel so welcome last night! It was great to meet you and get to have a quick fondle of your lovely Stripy Ginger! Claire x


  3. Your skirt is fabulous and I’m incredibly jealous that you get to hang out with so many other stitchers. Next time I come to the UK, I’m totally crashing one of your parties. I’ll just have to make something as wonderful as that skirt!


  4. i jumped over through karen’s blog… i’m loving your blog and your OWOPS! any gal who subscribes to the belief that chocolate and alcohol are two MAIN ingredients for a perfect night is a truly a wise creature.


  5. I love your skirt, I’d love to make one, what pattern did you use? (I searched through the post but missed it….) Lovely blog, by the way, especially because it made me decide to try some Colette patterns, I always think they won’t suit my curvy body but I might be wrong, I have to try! 🙂


  6. ehm ehm, don’t mind me, I found out that you made a Ginger skirt, right?
    BUT I’ve got another question for you (this is my second comment and I’m annoying already :D): where do you buy your Colette patterns? I mean, I can buy a few PDF but there are certain patterns that only come printed, like the Sencha top that I’d love to make. Any UK or European retailer that you know? Thanks a mill!


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