Windmill Colette Hazel Dress

Me Made May Day 24

On the 24th day of Me-Made-May I wore my new Colette Hazel dress. I used an *African cotton fabric I found in the remnants bin at Rolls and Rem. I was drawn to the colors instantly. I debated buying it, not finding it too much of a bargain at Β£3 a meter (Remnants can average Β£1.50 a meter at Rolls and Rems). I walked around the store with it and decided I couldn’t do without it. The colors and patterns were much too good to pass up.

Initially I thought I would use it for another gathered skirt. But after discovering I had enough for a Hazel dress I went for it.

This dress, surprisingly didn’t need many adjustments. Because the skirt is gathered I didn’t have to worry about waist size. The only changes I did were to the front and back side bodice pieces. I graded half an inch to each piece to get the waist measurement needed. And that’s it. Viola! That’s my kind of adjustment. I’m not going to lie. Sewing as a…uh…curvy woman can be such a big pain in the ass. Eighty percent of my patterns are suited for women smaller than myself so I am always having to change patterns to fit me. So it was such a nice relief not to do much to the Hazel pattern.

The dress came together very easily. I lined the skirt just because I’d love to wear it on cooler days with tights. I love how comfortable the dress is and that it has pockets. Bonus!

Me Made May Day 24

I cannot wait to get back from my trip to the States so I can whip up a yellow version. This is the type of pattern that can be made in various colors and prints and never look like the same dress. So why not make multiples? I am all about making more than one of things I enjoy wearing (hello, Ginger skirt!).

*Check out Roisin’s gorgeous African cotton Hazel dress.

68 thoughts on “Windmill Colette Hazel Dress

  1. OMG…Mela, this is awesome. I love that fabric. This is by far my fave of all your makes. You should make more dresses from this pattern. On a side note, I am eating that milk cake as I type this comment.

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    • Thanks Dibs! I am definitely going to make more from this pattern. It’s such a comfy dress.

      Glad you’re enjoying the cake. I think I may need some soon πŸ™‚


  2. OMG, OMG, OMG! This is one hell of a gorgeous dress Mela and you look adorable in it. You know, Hazel hadn’t tempted me until this very moment. It’s just lovely on you, but I think that’s got a lot to do with your awesome fabric choice…the print and colours are divine! Can I ask what fabric you lined it with please?


  3. Mela, this is too gorgeous! Hurrah for African cotton! I must get myself to Rolls and Rems the next time I am in London – I really want to sew with African cotton again πŸ™‚


  4. LOVE IT!!! you great in it. I wasn’t too keen on the pattern when it came out but you are making it look like something i need!


  5. Sometimes fabric and patterns match up perfectly, which is the case here!! I would have been suckered by that fabric, too, it’s lovely and the dress looks amazing on you!


  6. Oh, I love it. And, yes, I’m all about making the same pattern up over and over. After all that work of getting the right fit. Plus, I can’t help wanting to make every version I’ve dreamed up.


  7. Just stunning! I’ve been on the fence about the pattern but it looks seriously amazing on you! The fabric is stunning too and Β£3 p/m sounds like a good deal when you work the cost per wear out!!! (making time doesn’t count in my world cos I’m a slow seamster)


    • Thank you, Vicki. It definitely was a great deal. I can see myself wearing this dress quite a bit. I’ve already packed it for my trip tomorrow πŸ™‚


  8. I LOVE it! Such a fabulous fabric and it suits the Hazel pattern perfectly! Well done and in time for the nice weather! Have fun in the States!


  9. It is very, very cute! I keep debating buying the pattern… I really think I should concoct some reason that I “deserve” it! πŸ™‚
    Can I ask a slightly nosy question? How well do the straps hide bra straps? I’m always worry that because my bra straps are supportively/old-ladishly wide, they’ll show with this kind of dress. What did you find?


  10. Wahou !! This dress and the colors are really great on you !
    Love that you used an african fabric ! I have some in my stash and you make me want to sew it right now !


  11. How positively lovely! I would not have been able to pass up that fabric either – it works perfectly as a Hazel dress! Very well done!


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