MMM Days 17-23

Y’all. I am running out of steam but that’s okay because we only have a few more days. MMM participants, we can do this. I can do this.

But I have been working on a few new things. I finished my Hazel, which I’m wearing today. I am working on the final version of the 1960s pattern I successfully graded up.  All I have to do is add the buttonholes, sew the buttons on and hem it. All I have to do? Making the buttonholes will be the scariest part! I used a gorgeous cotton-silk (if I remember correctly) blend that worked so well for this pattern. I will pout in a corner if I eff it up this late in the game. The last thing I am working on is a simple navy circle skirt. That needs a zip, hemming and a waistband. Yeah, it needs everything 🙂

Okay, enough chit-chat. Let’s get to the outfits. I stayed home most of the week and worked on my sewing projects. I know, I know…the glamorous life of the unemployed. I didn’t mind staying home so much this week because from Day 18-22 I was MISERABLE with bad allergies. I walked a long run and skipped on a few others. So miserable. But I’m feeling better thankfully. The last couple of sunny days helped.

Day 17. All dressed up and nowhere to go. Sad panda. I wore my Colette Ginger skirt with crochet trim. What I love about this outfit is that I re-discovered a blouse I bought at Charlotte Ruse many moons ago. The crochet in the shirt compliments the one on the skirt so well.

MMM Day 17Day 18. I stayed home and finished my Hazel dress. Oh! And I got a haircut (so long rabbit-tail!) I wore the first garment I’ve ever made: an Amy Butler Barcelona skirt.

MMM Day 18Day 19. I met up with fellow sewing buddies Dibs and Rachel at the V&A Museum. I wore my Colette Japanese Fans Ginger.

V&A Fashion Exhibit

MMM Day 19The V&A is by far one of my favorite places in London. I cannot tell you how often I’ve visited since moving here. I love getting lost in it, eating in the glamorous cafeteria and just taking all the art in. Check out the new ballgowns exhibit if you can. It was killer. Sorry I can’t share photos from the exhibit. No photography allowed. But I did manage to sneak one in.

Ooh la la.

IMG_9903Or check out the new fashion exhibit. It’s free!

V&A Fashion Exhibit

V&A Fashion ExhibitDay 20. I woke up feeling horrible. After a long walk I changed into my new comfy Renfrew maxi. I’m smiling on the outside but I felt like crud.

MMM Day 20Day 21. Another day home sewing. I wore my vintage blouse all day and didn’t take the photo until late that evening. I couldn’t be bothered to iron it pre-photo.

MMM Day 21Day 22. More at home sewing. I wore my spotty Colette Meringue.

MMM Day 22

Day 23. I went to Islington to pick up some things and to have a catch-up with the people at my old job at Ray-Stitch. It was so hard just to walk away with some buttons!

MMM Day 23So that’s Me-Made-May for the last week. I am truly happily surprised that I have so many wearable garments. They are not perfect, by far, but they fit well and look good. When I signed up for Me-Made-May I honestly thought I would have issues with lots of repeats. I wasn’t aware that my me-made wardrobe was as big (for a beginner!) as it is. This week I will have to wear some repeats, re-mix styled. And for that to occur during the last week of MMM’12…well…holy cow. That’s not too damn shabby. I’ll take it. *Pats self on back*

32 thoughts on “MMM Days 17-23

  1. Wow, great outfits – I am loving that the sun has finally come out! I’ve managed to finish two new makes this month so that’s two new outfits for the end of MMM to wear!


  2. I’m sorry your allergies were so bad – Will they get better as summer starts? I’m feeling the same way about my Me-Made Wardrobe – Kinda in awe that it’s lasted so long with limited repeats! I think this final week will have a lot more repeats, but honestly, I regularly wear the same outfits every week in normal life, so why am I worried now? 😛
    Of all of your gingers, do you have a favourite? Of the ones you wore this week, I think the striped one is my fav… partly because i’m in awe of all that bias stripe-matching! 🙂


    • I’m hoping that my allergies get better soon. I wish I knew what was growing! I can’t seem to find a pollen forecast for here.

      My favorite Ginger might be the stripey one too. Just because it’s so darn comfy! I think I lucked out with matching those stripes 🙂


  3. So many great outfits! And for someone feeling bad, you sure look good, honey!
    I also want to know about those red shoes…?
    And please stop showing me that stripey Ginger, it makes me want one SO MUCH!


    • The shoes are from Lotta from Stockholm. I love clogs and knew they had to be added to my collection 🙂

      You should totally make a stripey Ginger. Can I just say it’s my most comfortable one. Being cut on the bias definitely helps the comfort.


  4. I love each and every one of your outfits! You look great – hope your allergies settle down a bit so that you can enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts! Can’t wait to see your Hazel and hear your thoughts on the pattern x


  5. Well done you! I know what you mean about the fatigue kicking in. I’ve repeated more outfits than I care to remember at this stage… But, I will have made it all the way through by this time next week 🙂
    Maybe you should do an Oona and drag the sewing machine outside for some alfresco stitchery now that summer has decided to show up (for 48hrs at least!)…


    • I wish I could drag the machine outside! It would be LOVELY. But I live on the first/second floor and don’t think I have a long enough extension cord 🙂


  6. You’re doing really well! who cares if there are repeats – my MMM is mostly repeats, although I did manage to get a sorbetto out the other day…I’m a bit behind with my documenting 😦 Keep going and I hope the allergies calm down.


  7. I love your outfits so much Mela and ironically I think that on the day you are feeling the worst, your smile is the most beautiful. You’re such a tease by the way…telling us you’ve made and are wearing your Hazel today, knowing that we have to wait to see it! And would you believe that I’ve never visited the V&A before?!? I might have to take a cheeky day off work to come and do London stuff…maybe I can see if you and a few other fellow bloggers are free nearer the time!


  8. Gorgeous! I love the crochet detail in the first outfit.
    Repeats are fine. Sometimes all I change is the jewelry. Yesterday a coworker noticed that my peacock bracelet matched my peacock Crescent skirt. Made. My. Day.


  9. I LOVE your ginger with the crochet trim. genius idea! I am so going to copy that 🙂 Why did I never before think of combining crochet with sewing?!


  10. I was also thinking wow what a lot of skirts, and fabulous ones at that. They are stunning & when you show them altogther as a post it’s quite an impressive fashion / fabric/ colour/ patterncollection of your own! Looking great, hang in there 🙂


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