MMM-Days 9-16. Yowsa!

I am quite surprised as to how well Me-Made-May is going for me so far. Only one garment was worn twice (out of pure laziness). Not too shabby. I’m sure garments will make a re-appearance soon enough. My me-made wardrobe isn’t that big…yet!

On Day 9, I wore my Colette Jasmine blouse. I still need to take it in on the sides but it’s still wearable.

MMM- Day 9

I had a little visitor on Day 10 so I took the opportunity to pose with him for my daily photo. I’m wearing my Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic top, looking quite proud that I haven’t made Noah cry.

MMM- Day 10Feeling springy on Day 11, I wore my Madeleine skirt, enjoyed the sun and met up with Rachel for some delicious cocktails.

MMM- Day 11

On Day 12 I finally got to walk around Little Venice . It’s been on my London bucket list for quite some time. Sadly I didn’t remember to take a photo by the boats! But I managed to remember while we were by a cool looking blue tunnel.

MMM-Day 12After a 7 mile run/walk, on Day 13, pajamas and coffee were in order. G and I slobbed about the flat for the rest of the day. We had fallen off our training right before Crete so this run took the life out of us for the rest of the day…

MMM-Day 13

…and the next one. I was well sore and the rainy weather didn’t help me feel better. So on Day 14 I stayed in my jammies and worked on a Colette Hazel dress until G got home. Then it was pizza time! We make homemade pizza far too much.

MMM-Day 14

And now back to wearing proper clothes. On Day 15 I met a friend for afternoon tea at the Lancaster Hotel. They serve a special Peter Pan menu. What was Peter Pan about the food I can’t say but it was hella delicious. They even gave us bread to go feed the ducks by the Peter Pan statue in Kensington park. You can’t tell from the photo below but it was super cold and wet all afternoon so we skipped out on feeding the ducks. I was hesitant about wearing my corduroy Colette Meringue skirt because I thought I would get too warm. But nope. It was perfect for the day’s weather.

MMM-Day 15

And today I am wearing the first top I ever made. Don’t even think about looking at the stitches! I’m wearing it with a headband I made using the remnants from my Madeleine skirt.

MMM-Day 16

Wow, I am quite the independent sewing company fangirl.

Hoping everyone participating in MMM’12 is having a good one so far! I am off to finish my Hazel dress. I have facings to fight with!

35 thoughts on “MMM-Days 9-16. Yowsa!

  1. I love your photos! There are some gorgeous items in their too and Noah looks very cute! I think I’ll have to challenge my self to start documenting my outfits in pictures as I have definitley not done that for this inaugural (for me) MMM. I always feel such a dork when taking photos – you always seem so relaxed! Do you have any advice or tips?


    • It really helps that I am such a ham. I love taking photos! It also helps that my husband is the photographer and I am most relaxed around him.

      Don’t laugh, but I do take A LOT of photos playing around with angles. The photos come out well most of the time. But when they don’t it’s often because the lighting is off or we can’t figure out the right camera setting. Lighting is everything. If the light is soft (like on a cloudy day) my face doesn’t come out as harsh and the garments come out better in focus and more vibrant.

      Play around in front of the camera. That will help you relax in front of it.


  2. Only one repeat? You’re doing a lot better than me! What amazing colours in your photos – so much energy! And now I need to revisit your archives to find out about the skirt with the blue tunnel background!


  3. Mela, is that a picture from your wedding behind you in the first picture? It’s gorgeous!
    I’m so in love with your bright wardrobe – and really looking forward to your Hazel! What kind of fabric are you using?


    • Thank you! I can bombard people with our wedding photos all day if they let me.

      For Hazel I’m using some remnant African wax cotton I found last week. It screams summer 🙂


  4. Brilliant outfits. I really love the colour of your Meringue! My MMM wardrobe is obviously smaller than yours because I’ve had to repeat so many of my own items a couple of times already! Ah well, hopefully by next year I’ll have plenty of choice!


  5. Super super outfits Mela – such gorgeous bright colours & you always look fab. The cord meringue is awesome – it looks like you’ve completely nailed it, & wearing it with the jacket & top – perfect colour combo, & also weather combo by the sounds of it!


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