His & Hers


Greg loves his Negroni shirt. He appreciated it so much that I’ve decided to make him a few more. And I’ve become obsessed. I want to make the perfect one. Most of my troubles came from stitching the arm sleeves. It was the most sewing step ever. Luckily I used thread that was a very close hue to the shirt so it’s nearly invisible. Phew. Aside from wonky stitches (and a wonky collar, more on that to come) I think it came out pretty well considering I’ve never a) sewn buttonholes b) sewn sleeves and c) successfully completed an Intermediate pattern. Y’all all know about my Rooibos woes. Oy. But enough babbling, take a look at my very appreciative hubbie. He’s the best. *Sigh* You know it’s love when he’ll wear a shirt with wonky stitches.

Men's shirt

I found using a stripey fabric really helpful in that it helped me line and stitch the fabric up correctly.

Men's shirt

Be wary of accidentally sewing the wrong side of the collar onto the shirt. I totally did that. The top stitches are on the bottom. Sadness. yesterday, I swear I could not stop looking at that damn collar all night. Another mistake I did was when sewing the facing my allowance was smaller than the 5/8 it should have been. I was left with part of the collar stitch showing. What a bummer.

Men's shirt collar

I thought the facing would unhinge me this time around but it only did slightly :). I stitched it once and it didn’t work. The second time was a charm. Well, I convinced myself of that until I saw the stitches peeking out from the collar. But I was too afraid to rip it out and re-do it. When I did so the first time a bit of the fabric got damaged and I didn’t want to risk making it worst.

Men's shirt facing

Some of the things I will have to keep in mind for the next Negroni: 1) Sew a lot slower. A slower speed would have produced neater sleeves, without a doubt. 2) Make sure to put a sticker on the right side of my collar to prevent sewing it on incorrectly. And finally 3) Sew the pocket last. I followed the directions and attached it first on the muslin and it was way off, too close to his sleeve. I had to re-position the markings while he wore it. That worked the best for me.


After finishing Greg’s shirt I wanted to make something up for myself but I wanted something easy and uncomplicated. Gertie’s full gathered skirt was so that. Images of a nice festive party skirt came into mind when I purchased some purple taffeta to make it. Yes! Purple taffeta. If this skirt didn’t work I feared looking like a rejected figured skater. Thankfully I didn’t.

purple taffeta easy skirt tutorial

Isn’t she beautiful? Probably the most fun I had sewing something. It came together so easily and fast. So darn fast. I did this baby in an afternoon. When I was done I decided to iron out the hem (my first blind hem, yay!) and catastrophe hit! In slow motion I was simultaneously assaulted with the smell of burnt plastic as I saw part of my hem melt. Yes. Melt!!!

Purple taffeta easy skirt tutorial

I turned off the iron. Put the skirt aside and sat down on the sofa, mouth gaped open. But I managed to think through my fog and took a play from the J.Crew style handbook and decided to throw some yo-yo’s on that bad burn.

Purple Taffeta easy skirt tutorial

*All dressed up in our his and her sewn garments and ready to celebrate our anniversary.

Negroni Colette Men's Shirt

We celebrated at on of my favorite theater houses, The Old Vic.

The Playboy of the Western World

If you can go see The Playboy of the Western World. It was fabulous and Nathan from ‘Misfits’ is in it. Such a charmer!

*I didn’t wear the petticoat. I just put it on to see how it would look with the skirt. I preferred it without.

26 thoughts on “His & Hers

  1. Oh my, the stripy shirt looks great!! Nicely done! Your skirt turned out so beautifully. You know, I don’t think it would be quite as special without the yo yos. Well done!


  2. 1. Greg looks like a happy cat up there. Good job, wifey!

    2. I still can’t believe you made these! I’m so impressed! Beautiful choice of fabrics, and the things you pointed out as mistakes are invisible to me (even after you enumerated them).

    I can’t wait to see future versions of Greg’s shirt!


  3. Greg looks so happy and proud in his Negroni…I can only hope that Ben reacts the same way when I give him his on Xmas day! Your version is really great, thanks also for sharing all the tips as I still haven’t started mine and I’m worried I’ll find it too hard!

    Also, how gorgeous is your skirt!?! You look fab in it and I think your a genius for thinking of the yo yo’s!


    • Just cut out the pattern pieces then you’ll feel less stressed out because you would’ve started it! That’s what I did. I had this pit in my stomach because I just didn’t want to start it. I just told myself to just cut out the pieces and then I could go from there if I wanted. It helped move me along.


  4. Oh wow, the Negroni looks completely professional, you’ve done a really great job. I’m going to make one for my husband for his birthday in April – he’s extremely picky with clothes so I’ll probably need all that time to get it perfect for his Lordship. Great work, no wonder Greg looks delighted!
    Your skirt is lovely too and what a fabulous idea hiding your mishap with a yoyo, I’m going to totally steal that one! You both look so glam, happy anniversary! x


  5. Nicely done on the Negroni. The mistakes are probably only visible to you and since you’re making a few more, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to perfect it. And super nice save on that skirt hem! (I must confess I would have cried if that had happened to me and may not have had the good sense to fix it). To be honest, I think the embellishments give the skirt tons of character and I really like the colour you used. An anniversary toast to the very dapper couple!


  6. Aww Mela I’m so proud of you. I like the initiative u took with the burnt hem. And the Negroni looks good too. Puts me to shame. I have never made anything for Kev.


  7. WOW Mela!! The shirt and skirt look fantastic! I dig the little flouresh and I also really like the petticoat under it. That with some stockings and tall boots…yowza!! When you move back can you be my personal seamstress?


  8. Beautiful happy couple! His shirt looks awesome! And, Greg looks so good with historical new shirt! It really is fun to cover your burn occurrence of iron in your new skirt, I would have screamed curses and then mourn defeated, you are so clever! Good job!


  9. Melizza I’m so impressed with both makes. First negroni- how proud you must be to see your man wearing it- ignore those bits that only you know about! We can’t tell. I’ve just finished my negroni, all but hem and buttonholes and I agree the sleeves are tricky. I think I unpicked my first 3 times. And I wish it looked more perfect inside! Your skirt is inspired fabric choice- so opulent and the Pom pomander look deliberate. You look the part for a special night out


    • Thank you. Those sleeves almost undid me the first time around. The second time around it was less painful. I am definitely not proud of the inside finish. Maybe next time it will be easier (please, oh, please).

      Will you be sharing your Negroni or is it a surprise for your mister?


  10. I loved reading this post! I’m so impressed with your shirt — and by how quickly you’ve mastered intermediate techniques. And what a quick-thinking reaction to the burn! That has happened to me too many a times — but mostly with underlinning, so never any major harm. This turned out to be a totally fortuitous accident because the flowers really complement the dress well! 🙂


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