A spring in my step

Lately I am trying to be wise about my fabric purchases. I go out to buy the right amount of fabric for a specific pattern. But I used to randomly buy fabrics in hopes one of my patterns would do. In this case, I did a bit of both. I bought 3 meters of fabric with Darling (I swear I will stop talking about it soon…) in mind, not realizing the width wouldn’t do.

The fabric measures only a yard (91cm) wide, not leaving much for a dress. I was left having to find a a pattern that would use up most of the fabric. So I settled on making a skirt. Can you believe that I managed to use up almost all 3 meters with very little waste?

Enter one of my favorite quick, easy makes: Gertie’s Gathered Skirt. It requires a lot of fabric but not much width. Thankfully making it this time around I didn’t experience any horrible run-ins with the iron. No, this time I made a lovely skirt that I will be sporting this spring and well into the summer.

Gertie's gathered skirtI used the leftover fabric, cut away from the hem, to make myself an infinity scarf. Please forgive me for the bed head and sleepy eyes 🙂 I woke up early so my husband could take my photo before he went off to work.

Infinity scarfIt’s so satisfying when there is little to no waste with a fabric purchase. I’m never so lucky with my other makes. I have two huge bags full of scraps. I’m determined to use them for something: quilting, crafting, baby wear. Waste not, I tell myself.

Are you, like myself, a scrap hoarder? Or are you ruthless and chuck it all out?


27 thoughts on “A spring in my step

  1. Oooh oooh ooh! I have that fabric too! The colourway I have is a bright blue with neon pink and orange I think – a little wild looking! Still haven’t decided how to use it, but I do like your skirt very much.

    I do have a bulging bag of scraps but I usually end up putting it in fabric recycling as I don’t know what to do with it. I divide my collection into ‘usable- scraps of a decent size and scrappy bits – that usually get recycled. I found that the soft toy cat I recently made was a great way to use up scraps.


    • Sorting through the scraps is a great idea. I need to do that before my collection takes over. I have scraps everywhere at the moment.

      I wasn’t able to comment at the time,, but I *loved* your toy cat. The different textures really gave it personality.


  2. What a beautiful skirt! And the scarf is just perfect for spring. I have a large collection of scraps but I have no ideas on how to use them. I keep telling myself that one day I’ll make a quilt out of them.


  3. Love your new skirt – the colours are perfect and I really like the way you’ve styled it. And you also got an infinity scarf to brighten up drab winter days – what’s not to love?


  4. The skirt looks adorable (very Anthropologie-esque). You look like a doll in it. I’m pretty ruthless with throwing out my scraps, my sewing storage space is under my bed, so very limited. I would have never thought to make a scarf, genious.


  5. A very pretty skirt. Great styling too! I’m afraid I get rid of scraps. My mum takes some for quilting and I know a few teachers who’ll use fabric scraps for art projects, so they’ll sometimes take some.


  6. Beautiful fabric! Well done on two very pretty makes! I like to save all my scraps as I’ll either use them for patchwork or purses/bags or to cover buttons with. I have boxes for medium sized scraps and small sized scraps and larger pieces just go back on the shelves for the next project!


  7. Great skirt!! I need to try Gertie’s tutorial soon. Is your fabric the vintage stuff from Croft Mill? I got the same stuff in the blue, but without a clue about what I want to make with it!


  8. That skirt is great. I love that it’s appropriate for all year round. That was a good investment!

    Also, I agree with you about waste. I’ve been trying to use up left over fabric from garments, too, by making purses/clutches. Hopefully this will be a nice way to get some more for my money without creating a lot of waste. I should try an infinity scarf one of these days!


  9. How did I manage to miss this post? I saw that fabric at croftmill but was put off by the narrowness. It is wonderfully drapey looking though! Ooh – I might have to go back and have another look!


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