Walking in Sunshine

Hello! Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve been feeling pretty blah since I came back from Virginia early this month. Sewing usually helps with my blah moments but Me-Made-May left me a bit worn out. I was full of ideas but really didn’t want to do anything with them. But sewing is good for me so I pushed through and worked on the fit of some Clovers. There’s still some adjustments that need doing, so I decided to work on a quick project. My last Hazel came out so well I decided to make another. A sunshine dress. This is the version that has been floating in my head for weeks (excuse my Paint.net skills) :

While I work on my trouser's fit I need to make *something*. So coming up next. #colettepatterns

For some reason the sides are smidgen big (maybe the fabric stretched out while putting in lining?) but I am still quite happy with how it turned out.

Colette Hazel Dress

I used cotton-linen blend fabrics and a soft unbleached cotton for the lining. This was the first time I inserted a dress lining and although we fought a bit I won the fight. It went in.

Colette Hazel Dress

This dress is my personal ray of sunshine. It lifted my mood just trying it on. I think I’m in love.

Colette Hazel Dress

The back side panels are gray too but I forgot to take a photo. But this picture of the zip shows a bit of gray, just enough so you get the idea.

Colette Hazel Dress

This was the perfect project to get me back into the groove of sewing again. Although I feel a bit intimidated by the idea I think I might try making Victory Patterns’ Ava dress. Oh, and work on those Clovers.

Colette Hazel Dress

I’m not sure why I like this last photo. Maybe it’s the deer-in-headlights look?

78 thoughts on “Walking in Sunshine

  1. This is one of the best dresses I’ve seen in a while! The colors are perfect – I never would have thought to make it in more than one color! I can see why it makes you so happy!

    • Thank you! I took a chance on the yellow and it paid off. I was afraid it might be too bright but I think, with the gray bits, it’s just enough.

  2. Oh, I love love love this! I was a little skeptical from the first paint thing, I thought ‘grey and yellow hey, that will be… interesting?’ but it looks absolutely amazing! I hope you get to wear it to death this summer🙂

    • Thank you. I’ve been in love with the yellow-gray combo for years now. It became popular right after I got married. I would have loved to have used it for my wedding.

  3. What a gorgeous dress! I just love your colour combination! I’m with you on yellow as a ray of sunshine – I have a yellow skirt that always makes me happy when I wear it.

  4. I bow to your colour blocking skills. We loves it…we do. It looks way better than I imagined it. It really is pretty. It looks totally different from the last hazel you made. I think this is going to become your go-to pattern for a summer dress.

  5. That’s great. The colour-blocking makes such a flattering shape and the colours are perfect. Mind you I’m not sure there is any colour you can’t wear! You look lovely, and I’m definitely filing this one away for inspiration.

    • Thank you! I’m glad it all came out okay. I was a bit nervous. Yellow can be a bit of a target color. I’d hate to bring attention if it looked off.

  6. A real kick of sunshine! Fantastic! And I can see why you like that last photo – you look so strong and sassy, winding up to punch the photographer 😉
    SO glad you got your sewing groove back – I missed your inspiration!

  7. Cool! This is the first colour-blocked Hazel I’ve seen and it works great! It makes a neat little optical illusion on the waist! Well done😀

  8. You are the picture of cute prettiness in this dress and these photos! So sorry to hear you’ve been feeling ‘meh’, but I hope this is a stage that you are seeing the back of now. This dress is simply lovely, and congratulations on beating the lining – you’ve come a long way since you started sewing! Take care🙂

  9. I love this dress! It is so pretty and happy and smart. I like to think of your last look as one of quiet confidence. You look like you know something we don’t!

  10. This really is very, very pretty. I love the colours, which I’d have never thought of, and which are so happy.Gorgeous!

  11. Cute! It really isa tonic for rain, so cheery & yellow really suits you too. Youve done a cracking job, and getting to grips with the lining makes it an even more special make. Hopefully you’ll get to wear it plenty

  12. You look so pretty standing among those flowers. What a wonderful dress, and how cool that you had a vision and were able to execute so well! I would LOVE to see you attempt the Ava dress. I have had the Victory Pattern site open on my computer for weeks, with the Ava pulled up for online lusting. I think it would look darling on you, and how fun to take on a little challenge. I can’t wait to see your next creation!

    • Thank you very much, Kate. I actually taped together the Ava pattern and now just have to grade it up a bit before going forward. Hope I it comes together without a hitch!

  13. Beautiful dress! I love the color combo — My sewing studio is yellow and gray.🙂 Inspired by your versions of this pattern, I purchased it a few days ago. I’m gaining the confidence to dig in…

    • Your studio must be a cheerful place to be. Do you have any photos of it in your blog? I will go and check🙂 I look forward to seeing your versions.

  14. This dress is brilliant! (in every sense of the word!) Wow! I must make one right now.🙂 It looks perfect on you and the proportions of the different sections are bang on.

  15. Wow! I love your dress! This is my favorite version yet of the Hazel dress, and makes me think that maybe I should make one after all! I also am in love with your shoes! =)

  16. I’ve actually been a little meh about the Hazel but yours is definitely the BEST I’ve seen. I love love love your colour blocking here! Looks stupendous on you – i”m gonna Pin this for colour inspiration!

  17. I so love this dress and it looks great on you! I’ve been hunting the interwebs today for Hazel inspiration. I signed up for a class to make this dress at my local shop – now I just need to select fabric. Maybe a shot cotton? Or Kona cotton? I’m loath to line it… if it can be avoided.

    • Thank you! I used a cotton/linen mixed. It worked great. It’s airy and it doesn’t wrinkle! I lined it because the fabric was see-through. I bet you can get away with not lining it if the fabric is thick enough.

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