What’s next?

Floral Colette SorbettoSimplicity 2451, aka The Lobster SkirtDarling Ranges DressDarling Ranges DressDarling Ranges DressDarling Ranges Dress
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Me-Made-May ’12, a set on Flickr.

With Me Made May behind me, I’m sitting at home (almost recovered from the WORST case of jetlag ever) wondering, “What’s next?” Not unlike a lot of other MMM participants, I realized I have a lot of gaps in my wardrobe.

My dream wardrobe consists of flirty, simple dresses and sleek trousers so I plan on making those. I also love comfy shirts so those are getting added to the must-sew list as well.

Before I left for Virginia I had a strong desire to start a project that would take me some extra time and not be banged out in a day. I’m not sure what that is but I’ll be looking through my patterns and deciding soon. But I have to admit, I can’t get the idea of making jeans out of my head.

Many, many thanks to the lovely comments everyone left for me while I was away. I so appreciated them 🙂

25 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Your outfits were all so lovely! I think you should totally go for making jeans! My jeans-making project has been temporarily sidelined (we’re moving this month, so any more complicated sewing projects are out the window what with all the packing and sorting). But I’ve enjoyed Kenneth King’s Jean-ius class on Craftsy so far. Check it out if you’re interested in jeans!


  2. I’m going to repeat what everyone else has said:
    1. I love the Lobster skirt – so fun! (I also love the polka dot meringue)
    2. Totally agree with Gingermakes – I did the Jean-ius class on Craftsy and the method seemed so simple. I’m actually wearing my jeans today and I just love how they fit my back/bottom without gaping like RTW jeans. I cut out another pair at the weekend and am waiting for time to sew them without annoying my downstairs neighbours.

    Thanks for visiting my blog 😀 I got confused by your 2 accounts!

    I too am going to try an big project – knitting a cardigan in time for winter (hopefully!)


    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to giving that Jean-ius class a go. I’ve watch 2 parts of it so far and it seems pretty straight forward. The only thing keeping me from starting soonish is that I really don’t have a perfect pair of jeans to start with. I am hoping to work off okay-fitting jeans and improve the fit. I need to go back to your blog and check out those jeans!

      Knitting a cardi is a great plan. I started one last month or so and haven’t touch it since. I keep forgetting about it. I must work on that.


      • Yeah, that course does assume you actually own perfect jeans! My jeans weren’t perfectly fitting, but they were good around the hips so I adjusted the waistband and on the second pair have tried to shape the legs more – I forgot how little ease jeans normally have, esp if the denim has a bit of stretch.

        I didn’t get around to blogging my jeans, as they weren’t perfect, but I have modified them so they are more photogenic now. Just have to wait for a nice day to take some pics…


  3. Your pictures are very colourfull and bright, I love them! Funny, happy and pretty!
    My favourites are the blue Darling Ranges Dress and New Look 6230 (it´s simple and very elegant!!!!).
    Now I´m participating in the Summer Spark Sew-Along, I can´t stop! Ha, ha, ha…


  4. Jeans hey?! You’re braver than me! Although the course on Craftsy is supposed to be very good …I loved also seeing your me mades – they are all so bright & colourful – & so many!!! Your darling ranges dress is still my fave I think


    • Thank you! I won the Jean-ious course last month in a giveaway so I will be using it to guide me. Here’s hoping I don’t scare easily. I’d love to have a pair made by autumn. *Fingers crossed*


  5. Well done on completing the Me Made May and wow, you have some stunning items in your collection! I’m very proud of your achievements over the past year.


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