Party Makes

I love hosting parties. I really really do. I am a born feeder, always baking and sharing the results. So when it came down to finding a place to host a little sewist summer party, I volunteered. I had a blast making the decorations and baking a few bits.

Inspired by a few fabric garlands on Pinterest, I made my own. It used quite a bit of scraps and can easily be put away and used again for other parties. Highly recommended! It’s very shabby chic and brightens up a space quite well.

Summer Sewist Soirée

My me-made napkins finally got some use. I made these when I first started sewing so they have a special place in my heart. I kept them away in the linen closet and finally decided to bring them out. They are quite bright and cheery and dressed up the table nicely.

Summer Sewist Soirée

A party ain’t a party without some sweets…

Summer Sewist Soirée

Summer Sewist Soirée

Or savory bits…

Summer Sewist Soirée

So those are just a few snapshots of what I made. I also played bartender and made some cocktails, including a gin concoction that I need to replicate again so I can share the recipe. It’s much too good to keep to myself. Once I round up some gin I will try as many times possible until I get the cocktail right. It’s a sacrifice I am willing to make :).

I am a true believer that sharing is caring. So for now I will leave you with the recipe for my go-to *honey margarita. Cheers!

Fill a 14 oz. shaker with the following ingredients:
2 oz. Hurradura Reposado
Splash of Cointreau
1 oz Honey
2 oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice
1 oz. Fresh squeezed orange juice
Squeeze half of a lime
Cover, shake and pour over ice in a martini glass.

*recipe adapted from a Blue Mesa Grill Agave Nectar Margarita recipe.

35 thoughts on “Party Makes

  1. Your party looked like so much fun! Look at all those gorgeous goodies!
    I’m redecorating and organizing my sewing room and I love the garland idea. It’s a great way to use those scraps I love that are too awkward or small for much else.


  2. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon! Your meet-ups with fellow bloggers always make me wish I lived closer to other sewing bloggers, and your macaroons make my mouth water from the other side of the Atlantic!


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