OWOP: Day 5 with Crochet Ginger, the Remix

Gail‘s comment recently lead to today’s outfit. She suggested that my Mustard Jasmine would look good with the crochet Ginger and she was right. I think the look is quite sweet. But I love my layering pieces (viva cardis!) so I think I will have to start making vests (tank tops in the UK). This outfit so needs a coolio 1990s vest. No, really.

A vest would give it a bit more umph, yes? I thought about making vests earlier in the year and completely forgot about it after the weather got warmer. Must add that to the to-sew list. Who knows how long this warm weather is going to last? Oh oh. Did I jinx us? Sorry if I did, London!

I used the belt from my Madhatter Ginger to define the waist. I turned the bow to the back and ta-da…a clean look in the front with a cute bow in the back. Sadly, no photo of the cute bow was taken.

Tomorrow: Prince of Wales Ginger.

18 thoughts on “OWOP: Day 5 with Crochet Ginger, the Remix

  1. Very sweet outfit. And I’m jealous of your weather. It’s coooold in western Canada.
    Great addition of the belt too. I’ve enjoyed seeing others participate in this week of OWOP. Super idea.


    • Sending warm vibes your way.

      I’ve seen a handful of bloggers participating in OWOP. I think I need to start searching and find more. I’d love to see more of people’s take on the challenge.


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