Turquoise Love

I am a little ahead of the Sew Colette schedule but I have a lot time on my hands these days. So I sew. Choosing fabric for my final version of the Colette Meringue took me a bit. I really wanted a solid bold color, like emerald green. But I didn’t have anything like that in my stash. I almost settled for some cotton navy floral but decided it was way too busy.

I had some lovely turquoise corduroy saved for a Beignet and when cord was mentioned as a suggested fabric in a Sew Colette post, I went with it. The color is vibrant and a great addition to spruce up the dreary winter wardrobe. I wouldn’t have thought to use corduroy. And I am so glad I did. I got to use a type of fabric for the first time and the result was fab.

Colette Meringie

I wasn’t a fan of the waist facings so I used Sarai’s tutorial on drafting a Meringue waistband. It was easy peasy.

Colette Meringue Waistband

I apologize for the wrinkles. I tried ironing them away using some scrap cord, to prevent crushing the pile, and I think I was too delicate. Any suggestions on how to get those wrinkles out? Maybe I’ll try again and be a little forceful.

I am pleasantly surprised at how much I learned making the Meringue: how to sew curves, how to add at the waistline using the pivot method, how to properly iron/press corduroy, and how not to deviate too far from the pattern’s fabric suggestions.

Really looking forward to seeing what more I learn while making the rest of the patterns in the Colette Sewing Handbook.

Special thanks to Adrienne from All Style and All Substance for her lovely giveaway prize. I received it yesterday and am looking forward to making it. Isn’t that bow adorable?

20120118-103839 AM.jpg

28 thoughts on “Turquoise Love

  1. I’ve got a turquoise cord Beignette and I iron it on the wrong side with a towel over my ironing board to protect the pile. Lots of steam helps too! Where the lining / facing gets in the way I iron the right side using a towel as a press cloth again with loads of steam!

    I love your skirt, gorgeous pop of colour with a beautiful hem!


  2. Oh this is lovely – one of the nicest things you’ve made. The cord was the perfect fabric choice and it fits so well, you look wonderful in it. Hoorah for the Colette Handbook! x


  3. Love the colour too. Try using loads of steam. That should help I think. IT certainly does when ironing linen, which is a pain to iron with all the wrinkles.


  4. Lovely! The colour is amazing. When I asked my teacher about pressing or ironing corduroy she suggested using a scrap of the same fabric as a pressing cloth, making sure that the ridges line up. It works wonderfully, because that way you don’t damage the pile. And of course, only iron with the pile, not sideways.


  5. I love this color, it’s so bright and vibrant. Well done, what a lovely skirt! Unlike you, I’m behind, sigh. But I promise to make one this weekend!



  6. Most lovely! That color is perfect for cheering up dreary winter days, and the corduroy texture gives it some visual interest, compared to a smooth fabric. Great choices all around!


  7. This is fantastic! Your scalloped edge looks very professional – good job! It’s so nice reading the blog of someone I actually know too. Hooray for the Character’s Ceiling!


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