OWOP: Day 4 with Fan-tastic Ginger

After reading Handmade Jane‘s post on the Marilyn exhibit I knew I had to check it out. Today I met a friend at the Getty Image Gallery and had a leisurely look around.

And since we were in the neighborhood we browsed around Liberty, fondling fabric, checking out their housewares and stationary section.

Here’s a closeup of my newly made Fan-tastic Ginger. I made it from a Japanese fabric that has a gorgeous pattern of fans on it. It was much too sheer to wear alone so I lined it with black acetate.

As we left Liberty I just had to capture a photo of two women wearing gorgeous kimonos.

If you browse through my collection of photos through the years you’ll find that I am a bit obsessed with alleyways. I love taking photos of them: the lines, the shadows. I saw this alley and asked my friend to take my photo. I am clearly a great actress because you would never know from the look on my face that the alley smelled of buckets of urine. Or can you? Hmmm…

Once home I was stuck trying to take my own photos since my husband is working late today. It took AGES! It’s so hard to get a good self-portrait. The sun is almost gone and I assure you it was high in the sky when I started.

It appears I am still suffering from a sugar high from yesterday’s sweets.

Sugar crash. Enter Artistic Mela…

I’m loving sharing all this Ginger love. And I have more to give!

18 thoughts on “OWOP: Day 4 with Fan-tastic Ginger

  1. I’m loving seeing your Gingers. I adore this fabric and it looks so cute on you. And what a great day out. Makes me miss living close to London.


    • Thanks you! I love this Ginger and the bias one the most. They just fit my personality the most.

      I feel very lucky to live in north London. I’m in the city but not close to the hustle and bustle.


      • I lived in Chertsey and Guildford. Out of the city but just a 30 minute train ride in for culture, shopping and great food. I live near Manchester now but the trains are not as good from my village. And to be fair, I don’t like Manchester as a city as much as London.


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