Another day, another babydoll dress

Today I had the great fortune of spending the afternoon learning how to crochet from Joanne. She’s such a patient teacher. And funny to boot. Sadly I have no photos to show for it because, well, I forgot to take any. But be assured, there was eating, drinking and lots of gabbing.

For the special occasion I wore my new babydoll dress. Because the pattern is so easy to put together I knew I had to whip another one up fast, before I got distracted by something else. This dress came together in about two hours, cutting included. That’s a big deal for me, y’all. It means I am getting better at sewing knits. Huzzah!

Sew U Home Stretch Babydoll Dress

I used a lovely double-knit jersey bought from Fabrics Galore in Battersea. Shivani and I had a nice afternoon shopping there last week and we both came home with this jersey. For this babydoll version I left the sleeves out. Because, really, when am I ever not wearing a cardi? Hardly ever. I made some binding, cutting them 2.5 inches wide. In hindsight, I would go a bit narrower.

Sew U Home Stretch Babydoll Dress

I remembered to fix the gaping problem I had in the last dress by reducing the back bodice by 1 inch. Worked out perfectly. No gaping!

Sew U Home Stretch Babydoll Dress

But I totally forgot to make the front skirt longer, to compensate for the bump. If I make another I hope to fix that issue then.

So there’s that. Another lovely knit dress that came together without any hitches. Now I have to return to my Juniper trousers, which I have been ignoring for quite some time now.


29 thoughts on “Another day, another babydoll dress

  1. Cute dress and beautiful fabric! Looks super comfy too. I’m very tempted to make one, though after having 2 kids I tend to shy away from the baby doll style since it makes me look pregnant! Very nice work though!


  2. Very, very cute…well done again! Kat bought me the book for cheap from near where she works and now I can’t wait to see her in December to get my hands on it! I love sewing with knits/jersey and I can’t wait to make this dress….!!!


  3. It’s lovely dress. It’s great idea to make dress without sleeves, and wore it with cardi! I allways think that dress for fall mast have sleeves, but it isn’t true. This outfit of yours looks great.


  4. Oh, I love the print on this fabric! It’s so neat, looks like a pretty burgundy from farther away and really interesting up close. The dress is adorable, I’m really loving your knit babydolls. What a perfect maternity item!


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