Dropping by to say “hi!”

The Big Picture

Hello out there! It’s been awhile since I’ve written. When you’re not sewing regularly it leaves very little to say about sewing. I guess I could’ve ventured out and written about sewing topics, but meh…I’ve been feeling quite unlike myself as of recently.

Big Brother

Researching his new big brother role.

Alder Dress by Grainline Studio

The FBA I made to my Alder dresses made it nice and roomy for a growing belly. Love it!

We’re expecting a baby in November and my body reacted COMPLETELY differently this time around than with the first. The fatigue was unlike any I’ve ever experienced in my life. When O napped, I napped. But finally. Finally I am feeling somewhat normal. I’m sleeping better, I’m not as lethargic, and just in a better mood all around. Yay!

With that said…er…written…I want to get back into sewing slowly but surely. I have a few dresses cut and ready to sew up. And a new bag that needs making so I can replace my diaper bag (Why don’t people tell you how awful and useless a shoulder bag becomes once you have to chase after a child? Backpack all the way!). Now if only the current heatwave can go away…my south-facing sewing room is a complete SAUNA. No joke.


We LOVE Seattle. I cannot begin to tell you how right it feels to be here. The people I’ve met have been nice, the co-op school we belong to feels like a second family, and the Pacific Northwest is simply beautiful. And Seattle is just enough city to make this city-girl not feel as though she’s missing out. The only negative is that flights to the east coast and abroad are LONG and $$$. It will be a while before I make it across the pond or home to NYC with our kids. It’s mostly a mental preparation more than anything else.

Tulip Festival

Seeing the tulips in full bloom.


Throwing rocks into Green Lake.

Remlingers Farm

Eating a raspberry he just picked.

Vancouver Aquarium

Enjoying the view at the Vancouver Aquarium.

The Pacific Northwest always offers something to do and I don’t mind doing them (I was honestly very scared to drive in California. It’s a bit too bananas for me). I’m really looking forward to planning a family camping trip…in a yurt!

Sewing/Baking Fun

Even though my sewing productivity has suffered a lot lately, my will to bake is strong! It’s mostly due to it being easier to bake than sew. The sewing room is upstairs and Ollie’s play area is on the main level, along with the kitchen.

In May, I was able to host a sewing circle and it was so lovely getting together with local sewists. I’m really looking forward to meeting with them again.

Berry Pavlova

A nice spread for sewing circle.

Greg and I celebrated our May/June birthdays with a New York-style cheesecake. Baking cheesecakes is always fun. One day I hope to take it up a notch and attempt a chocolate mousse one! Drool…

Junior's Cheesecake

NY-style cheesecake I made to celebrate my and my husband’s birthday. Delish.

Strawberry Scones

Mini strawberry scones. They used up a lot of the berries we picked at a farm.

And that’s that: new baby, loving the Seattle area, and lots of baking.


30 thoughts on “Dropping by to say “hi!”

  1. Congratulations Melizza!! The fatigue you’ve suffered sounds terrible, thank goodness it’s passed now. Your new home looks, and sounds, amazing! I hope you get a bit of cooler weather so you can get back to sewing, but damn your baking looks good! I NEED to try those strawberry scones. I looked up the recipe after seeing them on your instagram & plan to get strawberries at the market tomorrow!


    • Thanks Kathryn! It feels great to feel more like myself again. I hope you like the scones! They were a bit addictive. Had to put them away in fear of eating too many.


  2. Congrats to your family, Mela! How exciting that there is a little brother or sister on the way 😀 But boo hiss to horrid fatigue- glad to hear you are finding your feet again. And your baking game is string- I really wish I could ninja some of that cheesecake from you nomnomnom


  3. You should do more update posts like this one! I’m really happy for you that baby #2 is coming. I love the PNW, too. I lived in the area (Vancouver BC) for 5 years, and I miss it so much. Life is a little slower there, too (compared to the east coast/Toronto/NYC).


    • Thank you! I really should update more because the interactions o get through blogging does differ than the ones via Instagram or FB. I always feel like more dialogues can happen on your blog space.

      But yes! Life is slower in Seattle and I love it. Like, when I’m driving on the highway, I rarely see that a-hole dangerously swerving in and out of lanes in hopes of getting to their destination a whole five minutes faster.


  4. You are a baking rock star! I totally get it, raising small children, pregnancy can change things up. Creating anything is so cool. ❤️


  5. I’m so glad you shared this post! Pregnancy is tough and I know the weather is not helping. I’m glad you like the PNW. I’m really excited to join the meet up next month! Cookies are my specialty 🙂


  6. Oh, you sound so very happy. Unsurprisingly given your wonderful news! Many, many congratulations to you all on your new addition to your beautiful family. Hope the weather breaks soon. xx


  7. Thanks for checking in and CONGRATS on the second baby!!! xo

    Do you have a favorite cheesecake recipe? My birthday is coming up and I would love to make one too!


  8. Lovely update – congratulations on your baby news, and that you are feeling better! Your sewing spread looks amazing! I may have to whip up some scones this morning in homage.

    Overheating is the worst – can’t imagine being pregnant in a heat wave is much fun. I don’t have a/c, and it does sometimes get pretty hot in Toronto. In summer you can find me with my feet parked in a cold bath, especially before bed. It’s no splash pad, but it does help!


  9. I’m glad you’re doing so well! Seattle seems like such a nice, healthy place to live… a little slower and saner, maybe, than the madness here in New York. And man, it looks so beautiful!


  10. So glad all is well with you, and congratulations on the new baby!! Crushing fatigue and morning sickness are my most vivid memories of early pregnancy, and one of the major reasons that I have no plans to do it again! But I did it 3 times, so obviously the end was worth the means 🙂

    So glad Seattle is such a good fit for you. It’s nice to finally find your home.


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