See you on the other side


We are crossing the pond Monday morning. I’m feeling sad, excited, and a bit overwhelmed. Sad to leave the beautiful city that has been our home for the last two years and eight months. Sad to leave the wonderful community of sewing and expat friends that I made.

But totally excited to start nesting and discover the west coast. Excited to meet new sewing bloggers and discover what fabric shops San Francisco has to offer.

I’m overwhelmed at all the change that we are experiencing but luckily the excitement keeps me from stressing. Having my husband to hold my hand helps loads too. We never do anything small. We always go big and there’s no one I rather take giant leaps with.

So I’ll be in touch once we get to the other side of the pond. Be assured I’m reading blogs if not leaving comments. I love staying in ‘the know’.

Ta for now!


24 thoughts on “See you on the other side

  1. Have a very safe journey Mela and let us know when you get there for peace of mind! It was lovely meeting you in person and I look forward to following your exciting new journey online! Hope to meet-up with you again in the future ;o)


  2. Good luck! It’s such an exciting thing you’re doing, enjoy every moment of exploring your new home! Can’t wait for your posts from the other side of the pond!


  3. Travel safe and happy to this new adventure. Enjoy the stopover in NYC. We’ll be waited to share this exciting time with you. xxx


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