We made it to San Francisco. My brain is a bit mushy so I’ll update you the easy way: our week in pictures.


Goodbye sticky toffee pudding.


Goodbye Southbank.


En route.


Hello American breakfast!


The spread! We only left behind one pumpkin pancake.


Unlimited coffee; as it should be.


Baby bump in my me-made stripey skirt.


My niece makes a friend.

20121211-092403.jpgFinally. At the hotel along the bay.

20121211-093314.jpg No machine means crochet time.

And that my friends was my week. Now we are waiting to hear back on an apartment. We only have a few details to sort out so we may very well have a place to live before Christmas. Huzzah! Nesting can finally begin!


23 thoughts on ““Home”

    • I cannot wait to be unpacked. It won’t happen for a while (sea shipment arrives in January some time) but I am so looking forward to it. Living out of a suitcase isn’t so fun. Do you guys visit Cali ever? It would be great to meet up!


  1. Glad you got there safe and sound. My boyfriend tells me that of all the places he has visited (which is a lot) the US does breakfast the best! I can see that now :o) happy holidays xx


    • Thank you. And yes, an American breakfast is quite comforting and yummy. I missed it a lot! The Parisian breakfast comes in a close second for favorite. I do love me some bread and marmalade. *drool*


  2. Aaaw, so glad you’re safe and sound and already tucking into my dream-sized portions of food! The baby bump is looking super cute too Mela! Fingers crossed you’re in your own apartment soon ;o)


  3. I love that you are sharing your move with us step by step. I’m so excited to see what life has in store for you and your family in the coming months! It’s such an exciting time! OK, now I’m getting emotional. — adrienne


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