19 Days!

Can I panic now?! Flights are booked and we have 19 days before we fly off to San Francisco! I am very relieved that we decided to break up the long journey by stopping in NYC to see family for a couple of days. I’m really looking forward to seeing my family, but most especially my niece who is now a toddler with the cutest cheeks ever.

Packing housewares is the last thing on my mind, which is thankfully (thankgoodnessthankgoodnessthankgoodness) being taken care of by the relocation company. My thoughts are mainly on two things: all my fabric arriving in California safely and what last London activities I want to do.

Most of my fabric will be packed away in a sea shipment, arriving in about two months time (ACK!). That leaves me having to pick a few pieces that I can put on the air shipment, which arrives earlier. I’m choosing what fabrics to pack based on what projects I want to work on once we settle in. I am considering these: Juniper maternity trousers, a baby quilt and some maternity Renfrew tops (isn’t Stitch and Witter’s fab?).

That would put most of my beloved fabric on the sea shipment, hoping they arrive safely to us in California. When we moved to London we took an inventory of everything we packed. But we failed to be very specific, ended up missing items and not remembering quite everything that was lost, which of course made it hard to get things replaced. But not this time. This time we are taking photos and taking great care in writing everything down.

My refusal to walk away from a bargain means I’ve acquired too much fabric. Luckily I keep a spreadsheet that allows me to know what fabrics I have and how much of it. With good record-keeping the money I spent on all my fabric would be replaced if they went missing but really, it would be quite hard to replace them. So here’s hoping nothing happens to them en route! I finished updating my spreadsheet yesterday (I did get lazy and stopped inputting the width measurement) and I am a bit embarrassed at how much fabric I’ve accumulated. I seem to replace 2 meters of fabric with 10 more every time I go to a fabric shop! Ugh. Must sew more and must buy less, yes? Yes.

Having lived in London three times since turning 20, I know this won’t be my last time here. I’ve made wonderful friends from the sewing and expat communities that I look forward to visiting with in the future. But for now I have lots to do before leaving: visit the V&A again (I went to so many paid exhibits I wonder, why didn’t I become a member?!), go for afternoon tea and Sunday roast, photograph my beautiful neighborhood, and visit with friends. And maybe go to Liberty for one last splurge? No, no, no, Mela. No more fabric. One of my best friends is coming to visit from New Orleans for Thanksgiving. We will surely get a few of my London to-dos checked off while she’s here.

*Phew* Now that I’ve written everything down that needs to be done I don’t feel so worried. Blogging is such good therapy.


19 thoughts on “19 Days!

  1. 19 days?! Just 19 more days?!?!
    Wow, the time has flown. I hope you get the things you want to do, done. I’m impressed that you’ve got a spreadsheet of your fabric with pictures! My goodness you have some gorgeous pieces. I just have swatches stuck on the wall with measurements on them lol!
    Jeez, I’m gonna miss you, even though I haven’t met you in person and you’ll still be blogging! That’s weird really, but all the same it holds true.


  2. A fabric spreadsheet?! You nerd! šŸ™‚
    Seriously, great idea. I’m taking it.
    Hope the move goes well. We are planning a trip to London next year. Was hoping to meet up. Guess we’ll have to plan one to SF. šŸ™‚


  3. Kind of relieved to see another spreadsheet maker. I always thought it seemed a bit crazy, but I keep mine up to date and refer to it often. Made one for patterns after buying duplicates just too many times. Have a grand time in San Francisco, my favorite city in the world (Britex Fabrics — just off Union Square, you’ll love those folks).


    • Spreadsheets help keep me sane šŸ™‚ I took photos of all my patterns and keep them in my phone. Makes it a lot easier to look up measurements in the store.

      I will definitely check out Britex! Thanks!


  4. Ahh just catching up with your blog -thanks for the mention! Can definitely recommend the maternity Renfrew. It’ll grow with you right the way through. 19 days – wow and awh!


  5. Ugh! Certainly I would panic if I were in your skin!! But I hope it all happen normally and all your fabrics reach your destination well. I do not get tired of you and thank heaven for the wonderful gift you made me. Thank you. I’ll make good use of them! Take calm.


  6. Your fabric spreadsheet is sooo impressive. You have so many gorgeous fabrics!! I should really do something like that to keep track of everything. And to dissuade myself in buying more fabric!

    Oh, these last weeks before moving are so intense. Part of you doesn’t realize you are moving, part of you wonders what the future has in store for you, part of you is completely stressed out — packing, saying goodbye to all your friends, experiencing your favourite London things one last time… I like your list: V&A, Sunday roast, Liberty fabric. I’m feeling a little nostalgic myself of the UK now!


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