A Silk Ribbon Alder Dress

Ribbon Alder Dress-Pincushion TreatsThis dress should actually be called “The Comedy of Errors” dress. The amount of mistakes I made while making it is pretty laughable if I hadn’t been so close to tears! I lost count at the amount of time I recut and redid the collar. I lost count of the amount of times I redid the placket. Had I initially realized the placket was measuring too narrow, all issues could have been averted. Well, not all issues…

Ribbon Alder Dress-Pincushion TreatsI am pretty happy that my improved FBA worked out a treat. There was no excess fabric around the bust, unlike last time.. But, remember all that redoing I had to do? Well, ends up I stretched out the top right side of my fabric. An error I hadn’t realized until I put the dress on. If I knew of it in advance I would have opted to change the dress into a V-necked one. Oh well. I cannot bear to bring a seam ripper to my dress again. Not again. So I am left with a wonky collar that looks awkward snapped into place. Because the mandarin collar doesn’t suit me after all, wearing it open works for me. The mistake is hardly noticeable to me.

Ribbon Alder Dress-Pincushion TreatsYou might confuse that face below for smugness. But oh no! It’s one of a survivor. After all the sewing issues, I didn’t toss the dress into a fire, as much as I thought I’d like to. I kept at it. Even when I almost destroyed the fabric! What? Yes! More bad luck! When I finished sewing the dress and I decided to press it. I used some ironing spray and saw blotches spring up. The spray worked earlier so I was a bit confused. I’m guessing my iron had gunked up and I was basically ironing the gunk on. Oy.

I calmly washed the blotches in some baby shampoo and hoped for the best. The section is a bit discolored but you can barely tell.  Overall, I’m happy that I finished the dress. The fabric has a wonderful drape that makes wearing it comfortable and fun. Now I want to make silk everything! But before I get ahead of myself I have to sew the remaining two Alders as soon as possible.

Before my brain turns to mush again.

Ribbon Alder Dress-Pincushion Treats

45 thoughts on “A Silk Ribbon Alder Dress

  1. I honestly cannot find the bit that has been washed, so no fear of that being noticeable to anyone else. Likewise the collar. All in all it sounds like this dress is a phoenix, and a good looking one to boot. Well done you for persevering! Rachel ☺


  2. Beautiful dress! Kudos to you for persevering after all that — I very likely would have chocked the whole thing. Or put it on indefinite sabbatical 😊 It must feel so great to finally wear that gorgeous silk!

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    • Thank you! I really considered it putting it in the bin. At the very least putting it away where I wouldn’t see it in the sewing room. But I became obsessed with finishing it. Good thing. It’s totally imperfect but I love it.


  3. Isn’t it strange how some projects are so smooth and others are disastrous? I’m sorry you had such a challenge but the outcome is a really fun dress. The fabric, style and black buttons are perfect and it looks to me like you can make this a summery or winter dress. Um, I also notice a lovely lemon tree behind you…perhaps a lemony treat is in order?!


  4. This dress is so worth all the effort just to save that gorgeous fabric! It looks wonderful on you and so well sewn. I love the snaps too! I’ve just finished an Alder as well and had real problems with the placket, I’m not sure sure what went wrong but it was made all the more complicated by the fact that I was trying to match a plaid across the front! I think mine was turning out too skinny too, what did you do to make yours work?


  5. I hate when things like that happen – seems like one mistake always turns into ten for me. Good on you for persevering as it is a very lovely dress and it looks gorgeous on you! I love how you layered it up in the first picture too – great for the cooler temps!


  6. Mela, this sounds like a true comedy or errors but what an amazing end result! I kinda want to ninja this away from you- it is so RAD!


  7. I love this! It looks great and you can’t see any of the problems you described! I’m glad you powered through- this really is nice. I bet you’ll be getting covert looks from all the ladies you pass when you’re out and about… they’ll all be wondering where you bought your great dress!


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