17 thoughts on “Autumn: My favorite season

    • I am going to dress him up as Sharknado (an awful B movie that recently came out). Basically he’s gonna be a shark with a tornado photo taped to his front. I’m going to enjoy dressing him up way too much.


      • You could try it Dutch-style and make it with potatoes. Just cut it up finely and put in a large pot with potatoes and water, boil until tender, drain, and mash together with some milk and butter. So good. (Leftovers super yummy fried in a pan the next day)


  1. Don’t forget the “pumpkin diaper” picture…. so perfect for a kiddo’s first halloween! i’ve got one of my little one from last year sitting inside a pumpkin…


  2. Your little punkin is just the cutest thing ever… 🙂 And that pie, omg that pie — I think I need to make another one this weekend. It’s really chilly here this morning. Every day here that feels like this is kinda like finding a forgotten $20 in your pocket…


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