The One and Only

This may be the one and only maternity garment I will sew this pregnancy. Funny enough, it’s not even a maternity dress. It’s an 80s-tastic mumu dress, New Look 6230. I made a version as a bathing suit cover-up when we vacationed in Crete. I didn’t love it. But I found myself wearing it a lot this summer, and getting compliments. So the obvious conclusion was to make four more! Unfortunately/fortunately, life happened. We packed, we moved, we unpacked. And the fabrics I had picked out for the dress were left uncut, except for a black and white linen-look one I purchased at Joann’s.

Pincushion Treats New Look 6230I had the trickiest time with this uber basic pattern. My sewing skills are seriously affected when they go dormant for too long. I tried grading the sleeves to make them wider but I ended up with a neckline that stood up at the shoulders. I had to cut away the grading I did, and it worked out.

Pincushion Treats New Look 6230

The next annoying hiccup came when I could not get the hem straight. I kept hacking and hacking away at it. Finally I ended up with a hem that’s an inch longer in the back. I was going for a more significant high-lo look. Oh well. I think once my belly is sans baby the hem will even out more. So I tell myself 🙂

Pincushion Treats New Look 6230

Not a winner, but definitely worth wearing. I am very forgiving when it comes to garments that don’t come out perfect. Knowing I made it, enjoyed doing so, usually wins me over. Besides, most people won’t know what went wrong unless you tell them.

I’ll be back soon with a peek into my sewing space!

26 thoughts on “The One and Only

  1. You look gorgeous! I love this fabric and it looks great. I’m with you on being forgiving of your own sewing. I’ll pick out all the faults on something I made, but then once I start wearing it I forget all about them and just enjoy that I made it and love it.


  2. If you’re just going to make one, this is a good one! Looks versatile and lovely, and seems like you’ll have lots of styling options. And I do think you’re spot on about the front hem dropping. Also! I think the post you linked to was from an era when I first discovered you on flickr during a Me-Made-May! I remember envying your blue Darling Ranges.


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