Hello, Seattle!

A little over a year ago we went to Seattle and had a wonderful time. Two months ago I took Ollie on a short trip to Portland to visit with my best friend and her baby. It was another great trip to the northwest. Being there made me realize that that part of the country has a wonderful warmth that I want my family to be a part of.

I love love love the gorgeous weather in California. But at the end of the day it shouldn’t be the primary reason for staying. We just haven’t felt emotionally invested into putting down roots in the Bay Area. Especially with the high cost of living.

I will miss the wonderful mommy and baby friends we have made. Definitely! But we need a change that will allow us to grow and thrive, and we think Seattle will allow for just that!
Moving! Pincushion TreatsA bonus to moving is that my best friend is planning to move to Portland so we will finally live close to each other. And our babies can grow up to be friends. The very idea makes my heart want to burst.

We’re planning  on finding a place to rent next month and move in January.  Ideally we’d like to be a 30 minute bus ride to Downtown since my husband will be commuting to work. I’ve been regularly checking the rental properties and have liked a lot of places. Let’s see if we luck out and find a gem quickly. Finding a home can be so stressful. Locals, any tips on how to find good housing? We worked with a realtor when we moved to the Bay. Wondering if we will have to do that again.

So, overall I’m pretty excited. There’s a great sewing community in Seattle.  A few of my husband’s friends are in the area. And it will be so nice to live in a city again. A COFFEE CITY! I might have to go on a coffee-tasting hop.

There’s something about new beginnings that make me want to frolic about. They can be so nerve-wracking yet thrilling at the same time. I am not looking forward to the rain. I take my son to play in the park all the time. Not sure what rain day activities I will have to come up with. But I’m open to any you might want to share 🙂

In sewing news: I got over my sewing slump after going on vacation twice and sick with bad sinuses once. I should be able to model and share some new clothes this week! Hurrah!


65 thoughts on “Hello, Seattle!

  1. how exciting! I fell in love with Portland when I went to. I didn’t expect that. People were so nice, compared to LA. The environment was just different. I asked my fiance what he thought about moving Portland. So, a couple of months after we’re married were going to make a drastic move too. He’s only ever lived in so cal and I’ve lived somewhere else for a year. It will be a new adventure for us.

    I hope you find a place and I’d love to see your pictures through Instagram.


  2. How exciting is this move! I can’t wait to read more about your move and occurs, If you’re going to write more about it. There is something Portland.

    I fell in love with Portland when we went last year. Everyone is so nice and polite compared to LA. I asked the mister if he’ll want to move to Portland. He’s only ever lived in so cal. I’ve lived in another country briefly. He’s up for it, so we’re planning on moving after we’re married (Texas) and hopefully end up in Portland in a couple of years.


    • Very cool! The NW really does have a great relaxed and nice vibe about it.

      Youre getting married in Texas?! I got married in Texas. That’s the last place that felt the most home for us.


  3. Congrats on your decision to move. I fell in love with Seattle when I visited a few years back and I’ve been trying to get back since. I also have been wanting to visiting Portland. I, myself have been thinking of moving to either one of those cities since SD has never felt like home to me.
    Again congrats and I hope you and your family find what you need there. 😊


    • I hope you find your home soon, too. If your’re anything like me, living in a place you don’t feel connected to makes you feel like you’re living in constant loop. No going forward. It can drive you nuts with boredom.


  4. Hi and welcome to the Emerald City! I’m a Seattlelite and a landlord too who spends too much time sewing (or at least thinking about it). Most folks looking for housing use Craigslist and stuff goes really fast so be prepared to make a decision on the spot when you view. It’s not as bad as renting in San Francisco (from what I remember 15 years ago) but getting there. It might help to do a short term rental (furnished) that you find on Craigslist or VRBO for a month which will let you find a longer term rental.


  5. Oh wow that’s so exciting. I’m really pleased for you my love. I was hoping to swing by after the Big Sur marathon in April but maybe I should squeeze Seattle into my trip 🙂 If I get any good heads up on Seattle I’ll shout. That’s so lovely about your friend it’s meant to be xxx


    • I have friends whonran Big Sur. Its a gorgeous race! Have you hears of the women’s Nike race in San Francisco? The medal is a necklace and given out by firemen. Well, it used to be. Might still be like that 🙂

      Let me know if you come to Seattle! It would be great to visit with you again!


  6. Ahhhh good luck with the move! The Pacific Northwest just seems like such a lovely place to be, and there are so many fun sewers out there! HOWEVER. I will literally BURN UP with jealousy if I start seeing Pendleton wool outlet purchases on your blog! 😀


    • Thanks Lindsay! Funny enough, the thing I cannot wait to do while living in Seattle, is visit Vancouver. I’ve never been to Canada and have been wanting to go for ages now.


      • My husband and I went to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver (and a few places in between) for our honeymoon and we loved all three cities! Vancouver is beautiful and so cool! We were there at the beginning of August and loved going swimming in the beach that was just a short walk from our hotel! Good luck with the move!


    • We shall have coffee again, be it in Seattle or in New Zealand. But I have to admit, I’d prefer it be there, ha! I hope you’re having a wonderful time in NZ. Please update us (me!) on what y’all been up to since the end of your trip.


  7. Congratulations on this decision! I am so excited for you! I’ve been to Seattle a few times and I can definitely see the appeal. Good luck with the home search, I am sure you will find the right place in no time. 🙂


  8. Oh my goodness congratulations!!! See this is what happens when my WordPress reader somehow loses your blog and I don’t realize it for a month — I miss this huge news! So exciting! I actually have never been to the Pacific Northwest but it sounds amazing. Part of me doesn’t want to go there because we’d probably want to move but we’re pretty much married to Kansas City, at least for the foreseeable future. So glad you guys found a place you’ll be able to put down roots!


    • Thank you! It’s all happened pretty quickly. We decided in October and went from there. You must visit the PNC sometime. It really is quite pretty and full of lots of outdoor activities. Not that I want to tempt you out of Kansas City 🙂


  9. I’m excited for you, Greg and Ollie’s move up here. Don’t stress about the weather. It gets bad rap but locals don’t really think it’s that bad (put on a hoodie and carry on!) but we don’t try hard to set the record straight so we can keep the area from being completely inundated by those searching for the best place to live!! Ok, I’m biased… Chris’ point of view is that moisture equals green, so for us it’s worth it. There are plenty of library story times, community center playrooms etc. for rainy days, so you make it work. Definitely consider getting in touch with the people on here who know the neighborhoods. It makes a big difference to how much you enjoy life here and how much you will be connected to your community, as is the case in SF. And of course real -time commutes. Happy to talk anytime about all of that. I also commuted on public transport for a couple of years so know the system pretty well and whether or not that could be a decision in choosing your location. Anyway, we are here to help… 🙂


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