Spring sewing swap and more


Thanks so much to Kestrel Makes for hosting another successful swap. I’ve been taking part each time and I love it. It’s fun to nosey around your swap partner’s blog (and re-visit some favorite posts) and figure out the perfect bits to give them. I was partnered with Meghan, from Made by Meg, and received a lovely package. It was just what I needed to get back into the sewing room. After a disastrous attempt at making a simple (Ana dress in knit) birthday dress (the upper knife in my overlocker broke and nearly hit my eye!) I decided to extend my vacation from sewing. But I’m back, hoping I can muscle up the courage to make this pretty fabric Meghan gave me into an Alder dress.


Stripe-matching isn’t my favorite so I can’t guarantee I won’t fluff it up. Meghan and I plan on meeting up wearing something using the stuff we received from each other. So I gotta get cracking that fit!

Fitting Alder

I love diagnosing fitting issues. I enjoy studying the fitting photos and flipping through my fitting books, trying to diagnose the issues. I found that since having Ollie, and still nursing him, I have to do a full bust adjustment. Luckily it wasn’t too difficult. The picture below shows some draglines but I found it was due to the poor pinning job I did.


The camera was crooked when the back photo was taken. That seam is actually straight. So, with the back I can’t decide if I should do a wee broad back adjustment or not. Since fabric stretches as you wear it, that stretch should be enough to take care of the little strain showing. Still undecided. I’m afraid to mess with the back too much because I should have done that before the FBA. I’m nervous a change in the back may throw my FBA off.


Rounded back adjustment? I think so. I was tempted to pinch out the excess fabric but then I will have to adjust the collars and that sounds like a pain. And pinching out the fabric won’t keep the back from riding up.



I don’t think I am too far from getting a wearable garment. Fingers crossed my changes go well. I’m open for fitting advice if you want to share any!


11 thoughts on “Spring sewing swap and more

  1. Ooh that will make a beautiful Alder!! I am lusting after that pattern but currently have so many in my queue that I can’t justify it right now. I’ll just live vicariously through you!

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    • I’m so bummed. After all the alterations the pattern is too wide for the fabric. I’ll be using another fabric.

      But I totally understand not buying the pattern. I keep buying them and my queue keeps getting longer. I decided to not buy anymore unless there’s a huge deal at Joann’s or something.


  2. Looking good so far. I hadn’t heard of this pattern before, so thank you for enabling my addiction further. 😉 it will be fantastic in that material (which looks lush). Glad to hear you didn’t hurt yourself! Rachel ☺


  3. I would put on the collar on the muslin as well – there’s weirdness at the top, true, but at least 5/8 of that will go into the collar and you might not have to do much adjustment once that’s on. And if you do have to adjust, you’ll probably need to do it on the collar as well anyway.

    You also have some horizontal pull lines at the back, they start just above the bra line – you might need a bit more fabric there. It’s strange that the side pictures seem to have a lot of fabric in that area (and less around the shoulder blades) so not really sure what’s going on. I’d mark grainlines to get a better understanding of what’s happening with the back. Doesn’t look to me like it needs extensive changes, but I don’t quite understand the issues.

    The front looks spot on though! Very good fit.


    • Thank you Laura! It helps so much having other people look. I really need to do a bodymap and measure everything. I seem to have some weird issues going on with my back. Almost as if one shoulder is higher, bulkier. Not sure. But I will review your suggestions. Thank you so much for chiming in. I really appreciate it. I learn so much when people do 🙂


  4. I can really see the Alder suiting you, and the fabric looks really fun! I too would put the collar on the muslin. And it looks like you may need to scoop your armholes out a bit, looks like there is extra fabric folding into your arm there. That might help the back a smidge, too. Looking forward to seeing the end result!


  5. Oh Yeaaaaa! I’m so glad you are back! It was lovely running into you making buttons at Britex…can’t wait to see your progress on this make. I have so little fitting experience that this’ll be fantastic to watch the evolution of.


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