Coffee Friday!

Hello! It’s been an age, I know. But not because I haven’t been doing. I’m always doing. It’s just that I kept putting blogging on the back burner. It happens. But I’m here, enjoying a yummy cuppa with some animal crackers (shhh…what Ollie doesn’t know won’t hurt him).


There’s something about living close to the Bay that is making me work really hard at finding the perfect macaron recipe. This recipe worked really well. It produced the most stable batter I’ve made to date. There’s a bit of waiting involved (aging the egg whites for 3+ days) but totally worth it. These below are some lovely lemon raspberry curd macarons.

IMG_9923 Sewing

I’d been working on a quilt for a lovely friend in Austin who just gave birth to her bubba two days ago. I’m pretty happy that I decided to stay up the night before the flight and finish the binding, rather than send it in the post later.

I love the simplicity and the modern lines this pattern offered. I have a few charm packs left and might use one to make another one for myself. I really want a nice light quilt to use for those cool summer nights on the couch.


Unlike our trip to New York, this trip was full of leisure time. And lots of eating. Greg and I met/lived/got engaged in Austin so it holds a special place in our hearts. It’s actually the last place I consider home.

It felt weird, yet familiar and comforting, to be back to one of our favorite cities.

Then and NowOur engagement photo above. Our family below.


Ollie at Amy’s Ice Cream

IMG_5044My boys at the Austin Aquarium (Aquarium used very loosely)


At Jo’s Coffee

Sewing Blogger Meetup!!!

Susan, from Moon Thirty, organized a wonderful get-together while I was in town. It was so awesome! Austin has grown so much and that includes quite a few awesome independent fabric shops.

The meetup was scheduled for Saturday but since Dixie wouldn’t be able to make it I got to visit with her the day before. I’m glad I got the chance to meet her. I love hearing other people’s take on living in Austin, learning how to sew, and seeing their me-made garments in person. Dixie’s white Archer is ace! I gotta get to it and make my own, darn it!

Meetup day started with brunch at Gourdough’s Public House with Susan, Angela, and my friend Sara (who inspired me to learn to sew). HOLY MACKEREL. That place was pretty decadent and delicious. The perfect double Ds. I enjoyed it so much that I made Greg take us back before we left. I would’ve felt so guilty if he didn’t get to experience that yumminess.


That chicken and glazed doughnut with honey butter was MIND BLOWING

After brunch we headed to The Common Thread and met up with Mikhaela (visiting from Brooklyn), her daughter, Miss Lulu, and Melissa. We hit a few places that afternoon and I came away with a small stash.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPictured: First two patterns were free! The Lisette one was from Susan (thanks again!). The spotty turquoise is just enough to use as a yoke in a t-shirt or dress. Susan and I traded Vlisco fabrics! The pretty floral one is a yummy rayon challis to make an Anna dress. I also got a cotton/silk mix to line the skirt. And to round it up I got some drapey knit, half a yard of fabric to make bias binding and some lovely buttons.

Thanks again to Susan who is just as sweet and fun as she comes across in her blog. Looking forward to meeting again!

On the sewing brain

I am torn between making the Lisette pattern above or the Anna dress for my birthday. That floral rayon challis is calling to me.


15 thoughts on “Coffee Friday!

  1. I am so glad we got to spend some quality time together, and I can’t wait until the next time! Such fun to hang with kindred spirits. 🙂 OH! About what we were discussing re: the skirt part of the Anna, did you see what Sallie did to hers on he Mood post?? I’m gonna completely rip that off…


    • I saw it, I saw it. What a gorgeous dress! I am tracing my pattern now and think I’m going to do the same.

      Let me know if you’re ever in these parts! I’ll make you some macarons!


  2. Your meet-up sounds like a blast! I keep trying to get my husband to set up a job interview in Austin so we can go there (free – hehehe!) and I can play with those lovely ladies too.

    Really, I love everything about this post – your macarons, the vacation photos, the meet-up deets and the loot!


  3. When floral rayon challis calls, one must answer!!

    Sounds like an awesome trip — so glad you got to go back home! And those macarons look positively delectable. I’ve started to get an urge to try my hand at macarons lately — might check out this recipe!


  4. Sounds like you are having a busy, fun time. I chuckled at “chicken and glazed doughnut with honey butter” – it sounds delicious and nothing like anything you’d get in the UK! It must be great being home. Rachel ☺


  5. It was so nice to meet you and glad you had fun! Those macarons look FAB-U-LOUS and will need to try that recipe one day! Thanks for linking it! I can’t wait to see what you decide to make for your birthday dress and our little aqua fabric twinsies!


  6. Wow – your macarons look perfect! I thought they were really hard to make. Looks like you perfected them. I’m so impressed. Love all your pix of your trip. Looks like you had a great time!


  7. What a super post Mela! I love that quilt! It’s so pretty and I can see why people get into quilting. Your trip to Austin looks perfect and I like that they have restored the mural since your last visit!


  8. Hi Mela! I’m happy to be your partner for Kestrel’s sewing swap! I believe we’ve met before in the Bay Area before you moved – what a happy coincidence! I couldn’t find your email address so send me a line at messagemeg (at) 🙂


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