A Crib-sized King Quilt

My best friend had a baby; a daughter named King. Before she was born I knew I wanted to make her a quilt. I pictured it growing with baby, from the crib, to being used to build a fort, and eventually used as a lap blanket while studying at college. I had every intent of getting it to her mama before she was born, but you know, life got in the way. Several baby naps later I managed to make this yummy wonky square quilt. I used a lovely charm pack called Nature’s Basket. Some of the prints resembled cross-stitching, a perfect reference to my new cross-stitching mama friend. She makes amazing work.

Letters from Home Quilt Pattern// Made by Pincushion Treats

I tried my hand at embroidery. Took me a couple of tries to get the stitches looking the same. This little taste of stitching makes me want to do some more. Perhaps on the couch while watching TV. That sounds super pleasant (Mind to self: work on an embroidery project).

Letters from Home Quilt Pattern// Made by Pincushion Treats

As much as I really really really wanted to hand-sew the binding, I didn’t. I was too anxious to get the quilt (and a wee outfit) to King before she got too much older. As nice and relaxing as hand-sewing can be, it takes me a long time, especially with so many interruptions.

Letters from Home Quilt Pattern// Made by Pincushion Treats

Quilts are still very new to me. This is only my second one. With that said, I really wish I had basted the layers (tips, any tips on this, please!!!) and quilted them better. But I guess those little imperfections make it unique.

Crib Size King Quilt

Not wanting to waste the extra bits I cut off I added them to the backing. I tore the grey cotton backing in two before I could think too much on how to execute the idea I had in my head. Glad it worked out!

I was super happy that the quilt arrived safely and can now keep King company during tummy time. Or nap time. Or what ever time mama sees fit.

13 thoughts on “A Crib-sized King Quilt

  1. It’s lovely!! And such a great gift. My best friend made gorgeous quilts for each of my kids and we treasure them. I have plans to make quilts for each of my kids out of their old crib sheets. Now that 2 are out of cribs, I really should get to it or they won’t be finished before they leave for college!!


  2. I used basting spray on a recent quilt. It held the layers together but you could reposition and smooth things out. Then i added lots of safety pins too. It definitely worked better than using pins alone.


  3. Once again you inspired me! I saved a lot of my kids’ clothes from their first year and crib sheets, etc. to make a baby quilt for each. I made one quilt for my nephew as an intro to quilting and thought I’d never do it again. But I have to give it a try for my own…someday! And amen for machine binding. I hand stitched the quilt I made and wanted to rip my hair out!


  4. I love your friend’s baby’s name – so cool! Your quilt is lovely Mela and the hand-stitched label rocks. It really looks lovely and I’m sure King will cherish it for life. As far as tips for basting go, I hand baste the edges and then pin baste everything before I quilt. It’s hard on the hands but it works for me. Just place the quilt back on a flat surface (table or floor) and tape it to the floor so it’s a bit taut. Lay your batting in top and then the top. The quilt back should be a bit larger than the other two layers. Baste all four sides with a needle and thread and then go to town pinning every 2 to 4 inches. There may be some good tutorials on Elizabeth Hartman’s blog. Or you may be able to get some tips from one of Denyse Schmidt’s quilting books which you can probably get at your local library.


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