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Katie introduced her readers to the Coffee Date Friday series by Rags to Stitches. The idea is to have a chat over some coffee, about anything or everything. I enjoy reading about Katie’s life outside of sewing, so I figured I would join in since it would be a great way to keep in touch with y’all in between projects.

If we were having coffee…I’d tell you that I am battling with my return to running. I had every intention of starting when my son was six months. Little dude is 10 months and I have only taken the baby jogger out on a spin once. Once! I can’t help but be afraid to start. Afraid I won’t ever be as strong as I used to. Afraid I won’t see my goal through. Afraid at how I might look to others running (this is quite new to me, I’ve never been that self-conscious while training). Afraid of all the work and commitment. So yeah…I just can’t seem to gather enough courage to head outside the door. A new excuse always pops up: it’s too hot, too cold, my wicking shirts look awful on me, where can I run to and encounter no people traffic, and so on. But I can say this, I’m wearing my running gear. Baby steps πŸ˜‰ I’ll get started…eventually. Gotta combat the muscle in between my ears before I can flex the rest.

If we were having coffee…I would talk your ear off at how excited I am about my baby’s first birthday. His FIRST birthday. I cannot begin to tell you the joy he has brought into our lives. We cannot wait to celebrate with our family and friends in Brooklyn, in two months. There will be pizza, cupcakes, and laughter. Priorities. If you’ve taken your toddler on a super long flight, please share your words of wisdom.

And with that said, I would hope you can give me any tips as to where to shop in the garment district. You see, I’ve never shopped there. Since learning to sew back in 2010 I’ve never been in NYC long enough to take a shopping detour. And yes, I will remember my stash diet. With it being a special occasion, I can afford a souvenir or two πŸ™‚

If we were having coffee…I would also mention that we’ve booked a trip to Austin in April. I am looking forward to exploring the city that used to be our home and has since grown a bunch. Tips on where to eat would also be great! Of course all our favorites will be visited, Gourdough’s, Vivo, Amy’s Ice Cream (where G and I had our first date…awww), just to name a few.

So what have y’all been up to? Pull up a chair, the more the merrier.

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43 thoughts on “Coffee Date Friday

  1. I haven’t been away from Austin long enough to miss it yet. But if you don’t mind, stop by Threadgill’s and have some chicken fried steak for me. Pretty please. Oh and stop by Lucy’s Fried Chicken too. Breakfast tacos would be good.

    Ok, maybe I do miss Austin just a wee bit.

    As far as the Garment District, I had the best luck at Metro Textiles. They will even ship your fabric for you.

    Coffee date stuff…well I just finished my trench and I need to take photos. I hate taking photos. Really hate it. The right side of my face twitches every time I have to do it. Argh.

    Tomorrow, Kris and I are going to the zoo. He’s never been and I haven’t been since 1985.

    I’m finding it hard to make friends in my new town. Since you’ve moved around a bit, do you have any advice? This “Seattle Freeze” I’ve heard about is no joke.


    • Thanks for the recommendations! Definitely need to try some fried chicken. Can’t seem to find any good place around me.

      Can’t wait to see your new trench. All your outerwear has been on point. Gorgeous. Show it off! Maybe it’s easy for me to say. I’m a ham. I love taking photos πŸ™‚

      Making friends in a new city can be tough. The only advice I can give when it comes to meeting people is to put yourself out there. People get very content with the friends they have and forget that making new ones isn’t a bad thing. I was lucky that I had great people reach out to me (Dibs from Dibs and the Machine and Rachel from House of Pinhiero are fabulous friends to me still). But I made sure to go to sewing meet ups and met so many lovely people. If crowds aren’t your thing maybe you can reach out to one person in particular. I believe Morgan from the blog Crab & Bee lives in Seattle. Hit her up!

      My other suggestion would be to join and go to a few events there. Or maybe do a local class? Nothing beats making friends with common interests.
      Good luck! I know how hard it is. I’m still working on it πŸ™‚


  2. Indeed I love this idea! I’m thinking of doing the same! Hehe. Happy birthday to your son! I’ve actually grown very found of NYC, I’ve been fabric shopping there, but I was completely overwhelmed because there were so many options that I couldn’t focus. Of course, there’s Mood, but the one I went to and liked is Paron Fabrics. Mainly because there was a sale for silk and I used their groupon, so I kinda scored on that deal. I hope you have fun with all of your trips! I hope to see pictures! πŸ™‚


  3. Yay! I’m so happy to have coffee at your place today!

    If we were having coffee, I’d totally encourage you in your running goals but also tell you not to beat yourself up if you just don’t want to do it. After my second was born, I vowed to get back into running right away and set a goal of running the Kansas City half marathon that year, when she was 5 months old. I did it, but I found the training to be stressful and it cut drastically into what little “free” time I had. It just wasn’t fun, and running used to be fun for me. After that, I decided not to run any more races for the foreseeable future until running can be fun again, probably when my kids are older. I would also reassure you that you look vibrant and healthy and shouldn’t worry about how you look to others while running. But then in the same breath I would totally commiserate with you. I know exactly how it feels to not look the way you want to look, and it just sucks. It makes it that much harder to step out of your comfort zone.

    If we were having coffee, I would marvel with you that your little dude is almost 1! It is just amazing how 2013 just flew by. I hope you have a wonderful birthday party with him and enjoy watching him demolish a cupcake!

    I would also talk with you a bit about toddlers on flights. We haven’t done a coast-to-coast flight with our kids, but have flown from the Midwest to California, which is almost a 4-hour flight. My advice would be bring toys and treats. Lots of treats! And an iPad if you have one. I know you’re not supposed to give them “screen time” before age 2, but seriously, the iPad saved our sanity on long flights with our kids! And I would also tell you that having to lug car seats around on our backs like pack mules is why we drove the 21 hours each way to North Carolina and then later to Arizona πŸ™‚ Well that and the fact that it gets seriously expensive once the kids need their own tickets!

    If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’ve been tired this week. Baby J hasn’t been sleeping well and I’ve been going to bed too late. I start out with good intentions to be in bed at least by 10 but we get so little adult time that lately 10 has been stretching to 11 and then 12, and now I’m just tired.

    Have a great weekend!


    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words and tips. I am making a list of all the stuff we will need to take on board with us, treats being the priority.

      I’m so sorry Baby J isn’t sleeping well. I FEEL YOU. Ollie is still getting up every three hours to nurse/play/cuddle. I’m pretty tired too. Hoping the exercise will help energize me. Wishful thinking?

      Hope you’re having a great anniversary weekend!


  4. Yay, coffee! No milk and sugar please, thank you! Don’t worry about the running stuff, just go. Enjoy being outside. It’s not about what goal you want to reach or what others will think. It’s about the moment you are there, on the road, the breath of fresh air and being proud that you are out there and not laying on the couch. Go and enjoy yourself πŸ˜‰


  5. love this post. I feel like we have a bit in common… I just left the bay area and now live just outside of Austin. I’ve been to Amy’s Ice Cream! Yummy!! I am not too familiar with Austin otherwise; we have been to Torchy’s Tacos several times though–also yumm.
    I’ve never been a big runner, but I enjoyed running my first 5k in September. Then I started working again and the weather and time changed… blah blah blah… I hadn’t run for months. Ran on Monday and I’m sore and have shin splints. But it was great. I can’t wait to run some more, and hopefully I’ll do another 5k before long–It just feels really good to reach goals and push yourself in a race. I hope you catch your stride again soon. it’s so easy to put off, but so very important that we keep moving!
    And I’m gonna be celebrating my 30th in NYC at the end of February! I can’t wait to fabric shop–it’s my first time to the big city. I’ll have to keep an eye on your comments here for suggestions πŸ™‚


    • How exciting! Are you loving Austin. Three moves later and that’s where I feel most at home. I am quite curious to see if I still feel that way once I visit again. There has been so much growth! Enjoy discovering Austin; maybe we can touch base there!

      I think setting a 5K goal is the way to go. Maybe next week I’ll be sharing all about how well my training is going πŸ™‚

      Enjoy NYC! You’re going to have a blast! Such a big city with big personality.


      • I guess I should clarify–I’m an hour from Austin, not that close. But we’ve been down several times and always enjoy Austin. I did the fabric shop hop this summer, and it was really fun to visit several fabric stores there. Seems like a wonderful city and community to be a part of. If you have the time when you visit, holler, and I’d love to have coffee in person with you πŸ™‚


  6. I love it! This is the kind of thing I should blog about. Your love/hate with running is like my love/hate with blogging… At least I keep up with the pictures!

    So, I’ll join on the coffee date! But I prefer tea. with soy milk.

    We travel a lot with our kids on planes. We’ve had the most success bringing FOOD on the plane. Especially goldfish crackers. And bring your own sippy cup. Mostly, though, our kids generally are good about napping. If you can plan your flight, I’d say take advantage of a “normal” naptime- and it will make it seem at least a bit shorter!

    I just visited Austin in December, and checked out Rudy’s BBQ. I should have planned my trip better. I still miss breakfast tacos!

    So.. back to running. Why not start walking? I’ve been trying to get in some runs this year – and have found that a 2 min run / 2 min walk is working best for me (mentally and physically) at the moment. Plus, I still am lovin’ my Garmin.

    As for my updates… Let’s see… I got a new camera for my birthday. I’m excited to figure it out and top the 5000+ pictures I took last year (according to hubby, who recently backed up the pictures for me.) Work is finally slowing down, some. I need a pedicure. I’m debating signing up to shave my head for st. Baldrick’s, to raise money for a children’s charity – – but, in the end, I probably don’t have the confidence to do it. We’re waiting on passports for the kids, and for once in a very long time, we have no trips planned at the moment. Perhaps that is at least one of the reasons I’ve worked myself into a “funk” the last month or so, and need a good kick in the butt to get out of it.


    • Thanks for the tips! I am going to try a really slow interval and then work my way up to Couch to 5K. If I can succeed at completing that program I will be happy.

      I hope you enjoy discovering your camera. New toys always make other chores more fun. In this case blogging will be more fun when you get to show off your fancy new pics.

      Can I just tell you that my Garmin came apart! Seriously. The face has detached at the seam!!! Totally killed my motivation. I mean, if I run, and the Garmin doesn’t record it, did it actually happen ? πŸ™‚ I need to get some Krazy Glue and fix that sucker. I went online and priced a new one…Not cool.


    • I swear that I blinked and Ollie went from baby to almost-toddler. Baby time flies. *sniff sniff* But I have to be honest…I am really looking forward to the next few milestones: walking and talking!


  7. Oh, I *love* this idea!
    Firstly, happy 10th month anniversary to your wee man!
    As for the running (the only discussion piece on which I have any comment possibly of value to make), even just getting the kit on is a great start if only because it means the intent is there. Perhaps reduce some of the (self imposed) pressure and start by walking – my guess is that you will either realise you love walking or speed up to a run at some point. Either way, you will be out and about, getting fresh air and some fitness. Winning.
    But I have to say, your comment about the brain being the toughest muscle to train is spot on. A few of my close GFs always tell me that I am “lucky to be able to run easily”. This is a pure jot – I just persevere with it more than they do. (I do love them and don’t mean that in a horrible way, honest!) It just so happens that that are better at eating and drinking less than me so it all works out 😜
    Basically I’m trying to say : don’t be too hard on yourself kid ☺


  8. Baby’s first birthday! What a blast! It’s so wonderful that you’re going home to share it with family!

    If we were having coffee, I would commiserate with you about the workouts. Since suffering an injury over the summer, I’ve had to curtail mine a lot, and it really bothers me too that I have lost so much of the strength that I used to have. And you’re right: that muscle between the ears is the hardest one to train!!

    If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this year I’m going to tag along with Hubby again for his big meeting – in NYC!! Believe it or not, I have never been there – shameful! So I’m also looking forward to hitting the Garment District. Good thing I made an allowance for travel in my Diet!


    • How exciting! Will you be hitting the theater while you’re there, too? Can you believe that I’ve never seen a Broadway show?! Just the ones in the West End. I totally have to remedy that.


  9. Ooh, please let me know when you’re in town– would love to meet you if you have time!

    I love this post! It’s so fun to hear more about your life! I can’t believe your sweet boy is almost 1! Have an awesome celebration!


  10. So interesting to hear about other things than sewing!
    Running – I say “get out there and give it another go” – the longer you put it off the worse it will be, then you’ll look back in a few months and wish you had started back when you were first thinking about it. I am trying to make an effort to get back into exercise and trying not to let the excuses get in my way. I figure getting out for an hour is doing me better than sitting on the couch for an hour. Small steps.
    Garment district wise – I had great luck at Chic Fabrics, worth trawling through if you have the time. There is also a place that sells great linen across the road. But if you meet up with Sonya she’ll be able to take you!!
    If we were having coffee, I would tell you “it’s not strong enough”. I am sleepy this week and a big hit of caffeine is possibly what I need, although more likely, more sleep would be better. This heat is really taking it out of me. Its currently 32 degrees (about 90F) and it is sucking the life from me.


    • Thank you for the recommendations! Im really looking forward to getting lost in it all.

      I hope you guys get some relief from the heat! The heat can make it so hard to be productive.


  11. What a brilliant idea!
    If we were having coffee, I’d say WOW, I can’t believe your baby is almost one, crazy!! It’s been fun watching him go from a tiny wee babe to an almost toddler.
    I’d tell you I completely understand the desire to get out and exercise but brain battle gets in the way. Plus, raising a baby is damn tiring. I was doing a 12 week post-natal workout, made it about 4 weeks, then the holidays happened. Since then my exercise mojo disappeared. I keep telling myself I’ll start tomorrow. Then I don’t. And the pre-baby clothes don’t fit, my body looks so different, etc, etc. When you learn to get it back, lemme know how, k?
    I’d tell you I can’t wait to see what goodies you bring back from the NY fabric district. And I’d confess to you, even though I’ve been to NY state, I’ve never been to “the city”. Can I hop a ride?
    As far as traveling with a baby, keep it as simple as you can. We just went to Florida for the holidays and it wasn’t terrible. We have a stroller/carseat combo, that we gate checked, so we got to stroll him through the airport. That part was pretty easy. Try to preboard if you can. Nurse during takeoff and landing to help their ears adjust. I found sitting in the window seat and husband in the middle provided the most privacy. Carry on an extra change of clothes for baby and for you. We normally fly through ATL then to FL, making for a 4 hour flight, then a 45 minute flight. With baby in tow, we decided on going through Dallas, then to FL, making for two 2 1/2 segments. Much more manageable in my opinion, giving all of you a little break right in the middle.
    If I can think of anything else, I’ll let you know…
    Thanks for the coffee, let’s do this again soon!


    • Raising a baby is very tiring! I finally feel like I am beginning to catch up on some much needed sleep.

      Luckily we will have a car seat (my niece’s) waiting for us in the city. Phew. One less thing to worry about because he is now in a convertible one. Those things are beasts, I tell ya.

      Sitting next to the window is a good idea. I always pick the aisle because I like to stretch my legs but…I’d much prefer the privacy. And having extra clothes is such a good idea! Didn’t think of that. Thanks so much!

      Hope your real estate classes are going well!


  12. Coffee? can I get tea instead please? Thank you. Running? due to my current weight Hubby concerned about my health re-running (I have high blood pressure, this is a genuine concern!) so when I’ve shifted a few more pounds I’ll be trying it again, so sorry no great motivational advice there! Little man nearly one! already? wow! my ‘little one’ will be 7 in 2014, time flies! but we haven’t! so no advice for flying either I’m afraid. Sorry I’m not much help to you, but you and your blog continue to inspire me, to cheers for the tea and Thank you for the inspiration x


  13. If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I also can’t believe your beautiful child is going to be a year old – crazy how time flies. On the running front, would it be easier to get out of the house if you had a running partner? When I used to run (a lifetime ago) I always found it better with a buddy and there are quite a few running clubs in Toronto so there may be something similar where you are. As for your trip to NYC – you’re going to have so much fun not only with family, but at the garment district. Awesome!


    • A running buddy would be awesome! I belong to a mommy group. Maybe I can find one through there. I hadn’t considered it before. I need someone to hold me accountable! Thanks for the suggestion!


  14. This is such a fun post! πŸ™‚ I can’t believe your baby is almost a year old… hehe… it’s fun watching him grow up on instagram! Wow, that sounds like I’m a creeper… but I mean it with the best intentions! Happy early birthday to him!!

    I’ve been to a few fabric stores in NYC. It’s very overwhelming but exciting at the same time. I’ve gone to Mood, B&J, Metro Textiles, and MJ Trimmings. I also stopped at Around the World Fashion Publications (magazines galore) and the FIT bookstore. It was a little more spread out than I thought and each time I’ve gone I didn’t have too much time to shop. I liked all the shops and it’s fun just to look at the selection! Hehe… hope you enjoy it!

    Hmm… as far as Austin goes, there are WAY too many places to list here in the comments. I will definitely email you separately on suggestions, and if you are able I would love to meet you in person instead of just through instagram and blogging. πŸ™‚ We also have local fabric shops as well that I love and will share via email. They are definitely not the same selection as NYC but I still love them.


    • Let’s meet! How fun would that be! When I lived in Austin I wasn’t aware of too many fabric shops. They seemed to have popped up with the recent crafty movement. Woo hoo! I’ll post right before we head out to Austin and maybe then we can exchange details.

      Thanks for the recommendations!


  15. Oh boy! Happiest birthday wishes to the wee one, I hope there are gold moccasins somewhere in the mix!

    Sounds like you made the first move on running, yay, you’ll get there! I need motivation too, sometime a brisk walk works for me.

    My favorite fabric and trimming stores in NYC are NY Elegant Fabric, Mood, M&J Trimming and Purl Soho (but not in the garment district). I can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

    I know for me, I’m always very sympathetic to passengers with babies and young children on planes. I promise you, it’s much harder on the parents then on other passengers.

    And of course, yes to coffee anytime!


    • I am already having anxiety attacks over flying with him! But it’s nice to know that some people are sympathetic to the parents. We will be traveling with an arsenal of toys, foods, and books. Anything to keep him content. Fingers crossed.

      I will definitely share my NYC trip on here!


  16. A baby’s first b-day is such a special time! They grow so quickly – enjoy every minute. My girls have been flying since they were 3 months old (east coast to west coast) – my advice is take lots of toys to distract and feed him or give a pacifier on take off and landing. It helps the pressure on the ears.

    As for the running, I started after my second was born. It’s hard to get in the rhythm – but you will. Every time I wanted to quit or not go I would tell myself this: I need to be a strong, healthy well-rounded role model for my girls. That got me going every time. Good luck, and be gentle on yourself if you miss a run. Thanks for your blog, I love it.


    • Thank you so much for the tips!

      And you are so right about wanting to be a healthy role model. I do think twice about the things I eat now because I don’t want him to pick up on my naughty eating habits.


  17. Great post. Of course I’m reading this decades after the fact, but still want to chime in. I’m excited about your upcoming visit- we live close to Threadgill’s North (the one on N. Lamar) and love it. We haven’t kept up with all the new dining happenings as this town keeps getting oh-so-trendy, but also in our area (Anderson Lane) there is Hopdoddy burgers and THAT is quite an experience unto itself. Check it out. I believe they are a Dallas thing? It’s hard to think of other restaurants to recommend to someone who lives in one of the dining meccas!
    The baby jogger: I was certain that if I splurged on a Bob, I’d surely make it out the door regularly. I take like two walks a month! Like you, I’m a very good procrastinator and there’s always a compelling reason to stay in, or take baby somewhere in the car. The summer should be a good time, with the later sunsets and all. We shall see. I’ve always been a wannabe runner, and when I do commit (like when I set a goal of losing 15 pounds in 3 months, in preparation to conceive), power-walking combined with very short running spurts always, always gets me results. But now I’m just not in the mindset…yet.
    Take lots of pictures of Ollie’s Brooklyn adventures!


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