Pitter Patter

My first item for 2014 is complete. Never mind that I was working on these moccasins for, like, a month. They are done and I love them. I first saw the Lil’ Papoose Moccasins pattern featured in a post by True Bias. I instantly knew my little bubba needed a pair several pairs.

Lil Papoose Moccasins by Pincushion Treats

So I hopped on Etsy and purchased some lovely leather remnants. If you know of any good places to order leather remnants, let me know. I bought enough to make three pairs, or four, if I’m lucky. I’d love to make these and give them as gifts.

I used grey-lilac and black leather. I chose the most boring colors of the bunch to use as a test run. And what a test run it was! The black leather was super slick and would not feed through my machine no matter how many times I changed the settings and pleaded. I shared my woes on Instagram and Gail came to the rescue. Sandwiched between tissue paper the leather breezed through the machine. Phew. I was quite sure I was going to have to add it to my unfinished projects pile. Thanks again, Gail!

Lil Papoose Moccasins by Pincushion Treats

I sewed the top edge of the fringe using different widths, in hopes of getting the elastic through easier through the wider gap. But I much prefer the narrow gap. Looks cleaner. I’ll definitely make future versions like that.

Lil Papoose Moccasins by Pincushion Treats

I used the wrong side of the leather for the soles in hopes that would offer better traction on slippery floors.


Ollie does not stay still. Ever. He is always going, going, gone…

Won't stay still. Ever.

Getting him to model was something out of a sitcom. I blame him for all the blur in the photos πŸ™‚


I finally got some assistance from my husband and managed to get a few shots with him actually wearing the shoes. They are about an inch too big. If I decide to make him a pair that fits it will have to be soon because I might take another month to get it done. And by then they might fit for a short time.

Won't stay still. Ever.

Aside from trying to get the slippery leather fed through my machine, I found stitching the elastic together so fiddly. It’s so narrow and it was so hard to get it under the needle just right. I might just hand sew it next time.

I totally want to make a pair of gold leather ones!

43 thoughts on “Pitter Patter

  1. Very cute! I always hesitate to make baby stuff, because it seems like they’ll grow out of it before I’m done! The tissue trick works for stuff that sticks, too. I use scrap paper when I sew with vinyl.

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  2. So darn cute! I love the pics of him only wearing one shoe!

    You know, next time you go into SF, check the remnants room at Britex. When I was there in May they had a big box of leather scraps. Also, I took a quick look and it seems there’s a Tandy Leather store in San Bruno. I don’t know if they smaller pieces or just whole skins, but it’s worth checking out!


    • To the rescue again! Thanks Gail. I am going to check this place out once I run out of reserves. Luckily I didn’t include my meager leather pile in my no-fabric-buying pledge πŸ™‚


  3. Congrats on finishing these up! They were worth it. I found a local leather store in Seattle that had a huge bin of scraps for $5 a pound. Maybe there’s one in your area?


  4. Mela, these are adorable. I’m not sure what the fabric stores are like where you live, but here in Toronto most stores have scrap bins of leather so you can always get remnants for small projects like this one – beats paying for shipping. Your little guy sounds like an active child!


    • I hardly go into the city to check out the fabric stores but I am due for a trip if just to ogle and touch the fabric (stash diet, after all). I’ll see if they have any leather remnants. Good suggestion, thank you!


  5. These are so cute, thanks a million for sharing! So many loved ones are having babies and I love making interesting gifts, so I’ll be checking out your links for sure ;o)


  6. Any tips on sewing the heel? I lined mine with flannelette and have a difficult time when sewing the heel since its too stiff to lie flat. I tried going super slow at that part but it never fails to come out looking like a mess in that area 😦
    I don’t put the lining all the way to the edge but it doesn’t help….


    • I’m trying to remember exactly what I did. I believe I played with the pressure foot tension and used wonder clips to keep my leather pieces together. Next time I will use a Teflon or walking foot. I think that will help keep the fiddly pieces from moving too much. I hope that helps. I didn’t take notes (silly me) so I’m having to try and remember what I did months back. Goo luck!


      • Thanks for the reply! I’m using the Teflon foot, but still having troubles. I end up starting from one side and stopping before the heel, doing the other side, stopping before the heel then have to attempt the heel part to no avail. Very sloppy results because that part is wanting to stand 3D. I’m assuming theres a simple fix but I’ve been searching and haven’t found anything. IT puckers there so I tried to baste it first….. 😦


        • Oh Melanie, I wish I could help. My stitching was definitely not top-notch. It looked horrible in the shoes.

          Have you tried emailing the pattern writer? They might be of help. More than me, that’s for sure πŸ™‚


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