2013: More baby, less sewing

2013 came and went in a blur. A wonderful wild blur. We had a baby, built ties to our community, traveled a wee bit, and just tried to stay afloat doing the parenting thing. Initially I was going to write about how disappointed I was in having only made six garments. But then I thought, WHATEVER. Y’all, I kept a human alive AND I made six garments while caring for a baby that goes on napping strikes like it’s his job. I deserve a ribbon or something 🙂

2013 Recap Pincushion Treats

2013 Recap Pincushion Treats 2

Of course in 2014 I hope/dream/wish to sew a lot more. These last few days I’ve been prepping my sewing space. G gifted me with a new sewing table he and his dad put together for me. They used this tutorial. It has some fabulous cubby storage that I plan to store my stash*.

IMG_7625 Mama, can you make me some clothes? Yes, dear. Next year.

I also plan to finish a number of projects I started and haven’t finished (Scout Tee, Juniper trousers, moccasins, leggings…). Before Ollie, I almost always finished a project. These days I, like a goldfish, get excited by a new sparkly must-make item and abandon what I was working on. No more. I want to finish a project and check it off my to-sew list. And no rushing. Just take my time and enjoy the method and time to myself. I really want to improve my seam finishes. A lot of my favorite garments have started to fall apart due to some shoddy construction *hangs head*. Shameful.

With little sewing time I intend to revisit old patterns. No tracing and little to no alterations. Perfect. I’ve been wanting to make another School House Tunic for ages. And also make the garments that make me feel confident and a bit flirty, like Clover trousers and circle skirts. I need more of them in my life.

Lately quilting has been really enjoyable for me. I like being able to walk away from a project and work on it here and there. I’m not into the cutting process but wow, once that’s done, all the pieces come together quickly. Also, I love seeing a it take shape. I’m thinking maybe I can join a quilting club and bring Blanche along. She recently joined Dotty and Sophia in my sewing team. She was born in 1935 but looks pretty good considering her age. She has a few chips here and there but sews beautifully. I love her and picture us top-stitching a pair of jeans together.

Singer Featherweight 1935

So my goals for the new year aren’t too grand but definitely doable.

Wishing you a Happy New Year. Now I am off to celebrate by eating carnitas burritos and brownie pudding, chased by some Prosecco. Fancy!

*2014 will bring on the stash diet. Join in if your stash is taking over your space.

36 thoughts on “2013: More baby, less sewing

  1. Ah Blanche, she’s lovely. You know having a little one is an amazing challenge and you are doing great plus completing 6 projects! I’m glad you aren’t being hard on yourself because you deserve a big hug for all that you have done and the vision and plans for 2014! Absolutely awesome!


  2. Kudos to you! It IS an accomplishment to keep a human being alive and thriving while sewing anything. My Baby J is not a great napper like my other 2 were and it definitely makes accomplishing anything a challenge.

    Your new machine is very pretty! I’m joining in the stash diet with you too.


    • I was hard on myself for a long time, wondering why I just couldn’t get myself to the sewing table. Or mourning that I can’t sew for huge lengths of time like I used to. But once I let go of feeling like that I started to appreciate my wee sewing spurts. Yay for the little things 🙂


  3. I’m impressed that you managed to make 6 garments with a baby! I am with you, I want 2014 to focus on construction and taking my time. I know it would be hard because I’m quite impatient, but I think we can do it! 🙂 I look forward to your makes in 2014! 🙂


    • I’m normally very impatient. I often chose not to sew because I couldn’t devote the time I wanted to a project. I had to re-think and develop a new sewing outlook, because if not, I would never sew! Five minutes here and there ended being better than nothing at all. Yay positive thinking! Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see what new frocks you make this year.


  4. I didn’t stitch a whole lot this year and I didn’t have a baby. Life gets in the way sometimes. For me sewing is my relaxation and creative outlet. I promise myself not to get stressed sewing or blogging. Then it might as well be work!
    You’ve had an amazing year. And I love your Instagram feed.
    Here’s to 2014!


    • Yes! I think realizing sewing is not my job and something I do for fun allowed me to give myself a break. I was so stressed over my lack of productivity and sometimes just not wanting to sew. Bah to that!

      Here’s to a nice, relaxing, sewsational 2014!


  5. What gorgeous makes, particularly your wee man, though I adore that checked circle skirt too! I think it’s important we remind ourselves how well we’re doing looking after a wee person!


  6. You made 6 wonderful things! I especially love your colorful plaid skirt! Quantity isn’t as important as sewing things you love.

    I hope you enjoy your new table! What a wonderful husband (& father-in-law) to build it for you – so glad they found my post about it helpful. =)

    And what a lovely old sewing machine! I have one of those too – a Singer Featherweight 221. They are such great little machines.

    Happy sewing in 2014!


  7. I am so glad you had a change of heart and didn’t write about being disappointed! Keeping a tiny human alive AND completing ANY sewing projects in the same year definitely deserves a ribbon/medal in my book! I must say Blanche and Ollie are a pair of beauties by the way! Loving your work and posts as always and looking forward to more in 2014 ;o)


  8. You definitely deserve a ribbon 🙂 I miss the sewing in long stretches, too. But I am learning to appreciate the little snippets of sewing I get here and there. I’ve been working on the same shirt dress since October! I hope you have a happy 2014. That sweet little bub sure is adorable!


  9. It is difficult to sew when you have small children. I am just starting to really sew again now that I have older children to take care of the youngest one. You should definitely feel proud of your accomplishments!


  10. I don’t even have a child and the only human being I’m trying to keep alive is myself, and I still struggle with finding sewing time. All that to say that I think you’ve done amazing in the sewing department considering the demands on your attention and time. Here’s to an incredible 2014 for you and your lovely family! Oh, and stash dieters unite 🙂


  11. Wow, I’m so excited to see what 2014 brings you! Your new sewing space looks amazing, and that machine– ooh la la! She’s absolutely delicious! I’m so proud of you for sewing ANYTHING– I honestly don’t know how you moms do it. Getting out of bed in the morning is a major accomplishment when you’re chasing around a wee one all day every day! 🙂


  12. You made six garments in 2013 AND an adorable baby boy! That’s a total win! What I love about your makes is that you always seem to be able to choose patterns that completely suit you and your style. I don’t see a single fail up there. I’m so glad I got a chance to meet you (and Ollie!) in 2013 too!

    Also: Blanche! Beautiful!!


  13. Keeping that gorgeous bubbaroo of yours alive and happy and making clothes well dang you’re a winner in my book! Can’t wait to see what you rustle up next. Happy new year lady xxx


  14. Happy New Year! You should be proud of making six lovely things! I especially love your opalid skirt. Great colors. I didn’t make very much in 2013 – 3 dresses, 5 tops and 1 skirt – and I don’t have any kids. 😉 I look forward to seeing what you make this year!


  15. Making 6 garments after having a baby is a huge feat, and keeping a mini human alive at the same time, woohoo!
    And I hear ya on those napping strikes, WTF if up with that and when will it end?!?


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