Seattle gives me the warm fuzzies


I didn’t expect to love Seattle as much as I did. I mean, you hear it’s wet and cold most of the time. And, frankly (London I love you to bits but…) I was over that having experienced it for most of 3 years. But while we were in Seattle the weather was glorious: warm and sunny. I know it’s not always like that but leave me with my illusion 🙂

First plane ride


For a whole week Ollie and I went up and down the hills downtown, me eating my way through various shops and him mostly hanging around. You see, the little tyke was teething and was feeling super needy. A stroller just wouldn’t do. Thankfully I brought along his carrier and just wore him the entire time. Going up some of those hills proved to be a nice workout.


For some reason I was craving ginger beer; something I first tried in the UK.  I hadn’t found ones I liked in the States so I made it my mission to try various types. I loved Rachel’s Ginger Beer, even though it was different from what I was use to. It’s lemony and super gingery. I returned three more times, trying out their peach and strawberry ginger beers. Yes, it is as yummy as it sounds.



These other two were definitely my favorites among the ginger beers I tried.



You can’t go to Seattle and not try the coffee, right? I went to a few coffee shops, Moore Coffee being one.


I went by the first Starbucks but wasn’t tempted to have a coffee there since it’s not my favorite. To be honest I have yet to find a coffee that I enjoy as much as I did Monmouth Coffee or Climpson and Sons. I’ve been finding the local coffees bitter and the lattes much too milky (looking at you Blue Bottle Coffee and Four Barrel Coffee) more often than not. Oh well. I just brew at home mostly but I would like to enjoy a cuppa when I’m out and about.



Pike’s Market has a fabulous array of vendors. Our hotel was about an 8 minute walk away. I enjoyed people-watching, browsing and visiting the other sites and shops surrounding it.



Gum, anyone? 

Greg was working at his job’s Seattle office the whole week (boo, I know). But on his way home he would walk by a cupcake shop that has a happy hour! Can you imagine? We had a dozen cupcakes while there. Oh so good. 

There was no escaping sweets. Across from our hotel was the delicious Dahlia’s Bakery. Everything they have there is great (except the coffee, sadly): sandwiches, pastries,breakfast sandwiches. And all made from scratch.



I did manage to squeeze in a bit of fabric shopping in between stuffing my mouth. I went to a shop called Stitches and bought a few notions and half a yard of some cotton lace for a shirt I want to make.


We also went to the Seattle Aquarium, where lots of fun was had.


IMG_5727 IMG_5728If you stuck around until the end, thanks! That was a lot of eating, I know. But man, that’s what some vacations are about. I would have loved to have met up with some local people in the area but I just was too hesitant to make commitments just in case Ollie wouldn’t make it possible to attend. His naps were so erratic around that time. He napped for three-hour stretches each day we were there. Too bad he didn’t continue the habit once we got home 🙂

So yeah. Go to Seattle. It’s yummy!

Also, thank you so much for your lovely comments on our family portraits. Maybe one day I will actually print and hang them!(I can’t be the only one who still has her engagement, wedding, and first born’s photos mostly living in a hard drive?)

31 thoughts on “Seattle gives me the warm fuzzies

    • I keep telling myself that one day I will make albums out if them but never do. One day…maybe I should start by making one and gifting it. That would burn a fire in me.


  1. Thank you for loving our city. It’s fun reading about Seattle from a visitor’s perspective. I’m glad you visited when you did…it is Fall now and we are having record breaking rain.


  2. Did you get to tour the underground city? It’s amazing. Carlos and I were there a few years ago for a conference and got to do some touristy things.


    • I didn’t get to do that. But maybe one day we will. Seattle is on our list as a possible place to live once we outgrow living in the Bay Area. It’s great here but way too pricey.


  3. Seattle sounds great. After reading your post now I feel like running out for a cupcake with lots of icing! When we were on our leaves of absence last year we were only a three hour drive from Seattle and I still kick myself for not making it down there. Someday…


  4. 50 Shades of Gray was actually a book about the local weather. Little known fact.

    You were wise to stop at Serious Pie, it’s a local treasure. Not everyone likes it, but the secret is to imagine it isn’t pizza, otherwise your expectations can get in the way of the serious delight. 😀


      • Well … New Yorkers have good pizza (not insanely priced!) the way we have rain. If you ever want to annoy a Seattlite, tell them how good the pizza is in NYC and that the pizza here is made out of cardboard.

        (We used to have a coffee shop that had bagels fedexed from New York every day, it was hugely popular. I’m not sure why it closed.)


  5. hehehehe – you “wore” him! Love that! Best fashion accessory EVAR!!

    We’re thinking of taking a little vacation, and I’ve been lured to the northwest. Your post makes Seattle look very inviting!

    Also, I’m tickled that you got a 14-in-1 measuring gauge. I use the one I bought at Britex all the time!


  6. Such sweet pictures of you and your family! I’d love to go to Seattle, but likely won’t happen until I am living in Canada again. I never used to be a ginger beer fan but have to say that I’ve developed an appreciation for it since living in the uk.


    • Seattle shouldn’t be missed. I was pretty surprised at how good the food was consistently.

      Let’s hear it for ginger beer. I am going to make some at home. It’s so refreshing.


  7. I just love your photos! Ollie is getting cuter and cuter every day! I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest (never made it that far north when I was living in southern California, even!) but it seems so beautiful and fun! I’m a sunshine person, too, so I’m really glad you had such nice weather!


  8. Um, we’ve almost been married 12 years and while we did make a lovely wedding album, we’ve yet to arrange large prints or frames to put them in!

    I loved this post. When I do come visit you one day, we’ll stop by in Seattle too to see our old friend.


  9. Oh MAN! I just realised that my comments never posted….boo. I LOVE this post – reading it was like taking a holiday (gratefully received I might add). Finding a good flat white is one of life’s great journeys – with peaks and troughs. As I type, I’m drinking a nice one I found in the cafe next to our Manchester office (yay!). As for Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Be still my beating heart. Rachel 🙂


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