Family Photos

I scheduled a family photo session with photographer Monica Roy when Ollie was a wee baby. I saw her featured in Grey Likes Baby and fell in love with her style. We booked her and we are very happy with the results. She captured the wonderful lighting the Bay Area has to offer and she was really patient with a teething baby.






Photos are so important to us. We really do enjoy looking back at our favorite vacations, foods we’ve enjoyed and now, the family we have become. Hope you enjoyed me sharing. Little dude and I recently joined G on a work trip to Seattle, where I ate my way through the downtown area. I’ll be back with more on that later.


29 thoughts on “Family Photos

  1. Awwww, those are great photos, just lovely! Ollie’s little bow tie is so cute, and I love the gorgeous colors of your outfit too. Looking forward to hearing about your Seattle trip.


  2. these are so lovely, I love the little bow ties you put him in! I’m pondering whether to pay someone to take photos of us for Milo’s first birthday – I know the weather will be awful!


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