Just baking people, just baking. And cooking.

I’ve been having a hard time getting into a sewing routine. And it’s not because I’m distracted by Little Dude. He’s still napping like a champ. I’m not taking advantage of the opportunity to sew. Instead I take the time he’s asleep to either get some chores done, go out for a walk (don’t worry, I bring him along) or try to relax by baking or just doing nothing. But what about sewing? It’s relaxing. Yes. It definitely can be. But it’s been so long since I’ve done it regularly that I spend more and more time thinking about it, prepping to do it, than doing it.

So lately my creative juices are being poured into baking and cooking. Because, you know, why not.

My creation

So yeah, that’s a lot of food. Good thing we like to eat πŸ˜‰

As much as I love to bake and cook I miss sewing. And as of today I feel like I’m back to it wholeheartedly and it feels right. When I made last month’s circle skirt I felt stressed and didn’t enjoy the process. And to no surprise I stayed away from the sewing room (and my new serger, thanks awesome hubbie!). But today I went back to the sewing table and truly loved working on my project. I took my time and really enjoyed each step, not rushing once. So tomorrow I look forward to sharing my newest garment, nothing fancy, but exciting for me nonetheless.

Let’s officially call this a comeback.

18 thoughts on “Just baking people, just baking. And cooking.

  1. Yay! I can imagine that it’s just going to take a while to find your new normal. And then it’ll change, natch. πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see your project!


  2. Oh yummmm!

    You know I’ve been in the same head space about sewing since coming back from our trip. I’m trying to disabuse myself of the notion that whatever I start has to be finished that very day – and keeping that in mind has helped me slow down even more so that I can have fun with it. I’ve also decided that thinking about sewing, or reading about it or watching a craftsy class, is the same as actually doing it, because those are all things that will help me move forward, skills-wise.

    I’m excited to see what you made!


    • You’re so right! I definitely do something sewing related every day and that should be enough. I don’t always have to have my foot on that sewing pedal.


  3. I go through times where I lose my sew-jo. I try not to stress about it because eventually something will inspire me.
    I agree with the other poster who said reading etc counts. It does. Including sewing blogs!


  4. I really enjoy cooking and baking, tho it is not much fun being the only one to eat the food. Tho, I have found some one-serving quick baking recipes

    Glad to have you back and can’t wait to see what you made.
    Love seeing your baked items. Yummy


  5. Oh yum!!! Don’t be hard on yourself Mela, just make sure that whatever you spend your time on it’s enjoyable! Otherwise, what’s the point!?! xx


  6. Oh, yay, I’m so glad that you had a fun day sewing! It’s funny how it sort of becomes a chore sometimes. But your food pics always make me so hungry and sad that my fridge is only ever filled with condiments! πŸ˜€


    • Thank you! My mood definitely determines what hobby I devote myself to. I wish I would get a hang of knitting because it makes for a great fall/winter activity.


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