A sorta, kinda sewing plan

Hello, hello, hello! Oh how I’ve missed the sewing community. Let me start by saying thank you for your thoughtful words on the birth of our boy. He’s four weeks today! Can you believe how fast time flies? I am definitely taking the advice of soaking up every minute with him.

IMG_6204Two weeks old

But I am also planning on taking advantage of the time he spends asleep. I’ve found that with all my maternity sewing I didn’t make anything that’s nursing friendly. Not a thing. And how many things do I own that are nursing friendly? Two, maybe three, if I feel like wearing a bright wrap dress (not really). So here I am planning a nice nurse-friendly wardrobe. I sometimes get distracted by shiny objects so no promises I will keep to this list. But I will use it as a guide.

I snapped up this pattern as soon as it was announced. I had been trying to decide on a button up pattern and this one looked perfect. The ruffle in the back is such a great feminine touch.

Grainline Studio’a Archer Shirt

This has been in my stash for far too long and needs some attention.

Colette’s Violet Blouse

Oh Darling, I was so close to getting it right. Now with a bit of grading experience under my belt I’m ready to make this one up…again. In Chambray.

I’ve been craving this dress for ages. It’s time for it to be made.

View A, B or C. I’m not picky.

And these two from Cake Patterns.

And I can’t forget about my promise to complete a sewlution for the year. I’ve been desperate for a nice fitting blazer/jacket. I’ve decided to go with Colette’s Anise pattern.

I bought the companion booklet and I’m hoping that it will get me through the making of my first outer garment. For practice sake I’m going to make a mini blazer for little dude. Working in miniature should make it less intimidating, right :)?

First up, Archer…

46 thoughts on “A sorta, kinda sewing plan

  1. Yay welcome back and congrats again!! A miniature blazer sounds *adorable*…perfect for a way too adorable little Ollie. I love all your plans, which are remarkably similar to my highest priorities too. πŸ™‚ Go Archer!


  2. Congrats on the little one! Your photos on Instagram are too cute!

    Great line-up! I love, and totally forgot about, that shirtdress from Lisette. It’s very cute. I’m also excited to see a mini blazer. That’s a great place to start. That’s why I like making clothes for my nieces and nephews – it’s like practice.


  3. Lovely, and welcome back! Those look like great choices. After I make a few summer maternity tops for myself in plan to focus on nursing appropriate items too since that part of my post-baby wardrobe is woefully lacking. I also have the Megan Nielsen nursing pack and her PiΓ±a dress looks like it would be a nice addition. And of course Darling Ranges and Archer will be perfect!


  4. He is adorable… and sweet… Babies are such a delight! Congrats! I love what you have lined up- I am starting an Archer Shirt this weekend in a voile.. and the Anise Pattern- sighhhh- It is on my list! Happy sewing! ~Laurie


  5. Having made the Archer shirt I just know that you will look fabulous in this. A couple of pointers – the sleeves come a little long, you might want to keep an eye on that. Also, the back ruffle version – it’s quite a dramatic swoop down in the hemline and if I made it again I might be tempted to ever so slightly redraft that hemline and make it more subtle. I also can really see you in that Pavlova wrap top. But basically, you’d look great in all the above! I know you already know this, but I LOVE seeing your little boy. He’s so handsome and gorgeous and you look so happy together. Welcome back!


    • I agree with Karen on Archer I just finished one. Also I had to watch the ruffle didn’t sit on my high hip as its more flattering for me just below.
      He is so frickin cute Mela! I love your plans. I started that lisette ages ago but never finished it! You’ve reminded me to totally go back to it! Lovely choices darling, hope your well and getting enough sleep! x


    • Thank you, thank you. I feel as though I was on a long vacation, minus the rest and margaritas πŸ™‚

      I will keep your tips in mind when it’s time to fit the blouse. Much appreciated!


  6. he’s so lovely!

    Can I just say something though: button down tops are not really that nursing friendly actually, because usually you have to unbutton them the whole way and then you’re exposing your stomach and it’s just generally inconvenient unless you go for an 90s open shirt over top look. I’ve pretty much stopped wearing them, and whenever I do I almost always end up just keeping it open with a cami underneath.

    The two cake ones look much more convenient because you’ll be able to just pull them rather than having to faff about with buttons.

    But what you’ve chosen all looks great anyway!


    • Good to know about the button-ups. I do have nursing camis to wear under things so that’s good. But I can see the blouses getting tiring if you have to layer up. I’ll give one a go and see.


  7. Oh my gosh, little Ollie is ADORABLE!! I can’t wait to see him in a little blazer. I hope we get to see a lot of him! I have the Lisette and Tiramisu patterns in my queue too!


  8. Oh my gosh, your baby boy is delicious Mela! I wish you still lived in the UK so I could have a cuddle and a squeeze…just like I did with baby Noah when you all visited ;o) And your sewing plans look amazing, I’m sure you’ll get loads done with the little one’s snoozing ;o)


  9. Oh my goodness, he is beautiful! I am sitting here just patiently waiting on my little one to GET OUT. Seriously. I have served her an eviction notice but she’s not taking heed. I’m excited to see what you will make. I’ve been thinking about nursing friendly clothes, too. I only have a couple of things that will work. I just bought that new Amazing Fit faux wrap dress pattern (it has a separate bodice piece that ties on the side- like a flap) that I think I’m going to make. Maybe I should get started on it while I’m sitting around waiting….


    • Thank you. I bet as soon as you get started on that dress baby will start knocking πŸ™‚ They have that sense of timing. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that she comes soon!


  10. Wow! Few good news here! Congratulations to you for this beautiful blessing of God on you … he looks beautiful and healthy! I’m happy that you return to the community sewing again … You did great selection of projects! Looking forward …
    Dear friend, there is a reward on my blog waiting for you, if you want to pick up it …


  11. What a wise-looking child you have!
    A baby-dude-y blazer?! And a baker boy hat? πŸ˜€
    Oh how I loved making baby boy clothes. My son still can’t believe the things I dressed him in when he looks back at the photos LOL
    I agree with Franca about front-buttoning for nursing – hoiking up the hemline worked better for me, so tops rather than dresses. But the cake patterns look good for pushing aside – less draughty! Happy sewing!


  12. Your boy is beautiful! What a great photo.

    I just had a boy myself, about three weeks ago, and it’s so discouraging to have nothing to wear! I’ve made two Jalie nursing tops with 2787, and just have to hem a shirt made from 3132. They both are pretty good patterns, but I hate having to still wear my maternity pants. Patience!

    I think button up things are good for nursing. I wore them a lot after my daughter was born. After about a month, I realized that it was easier for me to unbutton the bottom few buttons, and sort of sneak her up in there from the bottom of the blouse. You’ll find what works for you!

    Congrats to you and your family!


  13. Oh, I love this post! With 7 weeks left until our little guy is due to appear, I’ve suddenly started to think about the logistics of nursing. (And besides a couple of wrap dresses – I am equally unprepared!) Thanks for the lead on some patterns! πŸ˜‰


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