Hey! I jumped at the chance to do a guest post for Karen from Did You Make That?. Go and check it out. I dare you not to want and make doughnuts after reading. They are so yum.

Did You Make That?

Hey, guys! I know that Melizza of Pincushion Treats can bake, because I’ve eaten several of her creations. Macaroons, cheese cake, cocktails… If I lived with Melizza, I don’t think I’d ever stop licking my plate clean. She was the obvious person to invite as a guest blogger for our Apronalong Launch. I asked her to bake something unusual and exciting, and she didn’t disappoint…

Doughnuts have been on my mind a lot lately. I blame The Great British Bake Off. I’ve been collecting doughnut recipes for the last month and when Karen asked me to do a guest post on baking I knew I had to make doughnuts.

I used a chocolate cream filled vanilla sugar doughnut recipe by Joy the Baker. And rather than re-write the recipe in this post, I figured I would share with you some tips I learned as I made them.

Dough ingredients

Tip 1:

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