A Babydoll Dress Fit for a Baby…Bump

The Sew U Home Stretch book has been making the rounds in the blogosphere (totally check out Karen’s, Winnie’s and Rachel’s garments). I totally understand why: the book comes with basic pattern pieces and instructions on how to manipulate them to make various types of garments. I wanted another comfy bump-friendly knit dress so I went with the babydoll pattern. Before getting started I had to grade the pattern up, like usual. I added 6 inches to the bust and 8 inches to the waist. Of course, suffering from baby brain (it’s real, y’all. I forget stuff mid-sentence!) I forgot to grade up the sleeve! Of course I didn’t realize this until after I finished making the dress. D’oh! There’s a wee bit of strain on the bodice from the tight sleeve but it’s not awful. And still totally wearable.

Baby Doll Dress

I always have issues when sewing. I’m prone to making stupid mistakes. You name it, I do it. This time around I had issues with the neckband. It was pretty thick so stitching in the ditch proved quite tricky. After unpicking twice, and stretching out the neckline a bit (I need to stop doing that!), I decided I hated the finish. I cut it out and went with a thicker neckband, which I quite like the look of.

Baby Doll DressI had to take my photo shoot indoors after some unsuccessful fuzzy photos outside.

Changes for next time (because I am totally making another one):

1. Taking an inch off the back bodice. My back is smaller than the front, so there was a bit of a gape at the neck. I unfortunately couldn’t get a clear photo of this.
2. Either leave the sleeves out or grade the sleeve up a bit and leave the puffiness out. I’m not quite in love with the extra volume on my already voluminous biceps. Ya, know.
3. Adjust for the bump: see about lengthening the front skirt so it doesn’t look shorter than the back.

I’m looking forward to making more garments from the book. Having very few successful attempts at knit, I will classify this dress as a win! It’s comfy, fast to sew together and cute to boot.


I want to give a very special thanks to Evie from Pendle Stitches for gifting me with a lovely pattern and cardigan for baby boy. I was so thrilled to have received such a wonderful gift…I cried. Maybe it was the hormones but I’m quite the sap usually.

Our little babe got its first gift today! Such a sweet cardi made by a blogger friend, Evie from Pendle Stitches.

And to continue the feeling of an early Christmas and giving, I won a giveaway from Maider and got a parcel of goodies. Thanks, Maider!

Lovely giveaway pressies: fabric, poster and makeup bag. Feels like Christmas!

All this receiving means it’s time for me to give back. I need to work on hosting a giveaway ASAP! More on that later.


44 thoughts on “A Babydoll Dress Fit for a Baby…Bump

  1. That is an AWESOME dress. Looks gorgeous! I just love that shade. Oh, I’m going to have to make myself that dress. Personal opinion, but I hate ‘stitch in the ditch’ as a technique and would far prefer to hand stitch something down. I just think it’s a really inaccurate technique, bound to failure. Half the time, you don’t totally catch what you’re meant to be catching on the rear. So don’t give yourself a hard time on that front!


  2. What a cute dress! I actually have that book, but I’d forgotten about it…oops. I’m the same on the puffy sleeve cap; I rarely like how that works on me. [Evie — gorgeous work on that little cardi — what a thoughtful and marvelous gift!]


  3. It’s so cute mela!!! What a heavenly colour as well. I too have made the same bodice from sew u and would next time de-puff the sleeves, but like you also can totally forgive it for a first make. You look radiant and not with baby brain but baby glow πŸ™‚


  4. This dress is perfect on you Mela and the shade of the fabric is divine! You are absolutely glowing lady! In fact, so much do I love this make, the book is now firmly on my Xmas wishlist!!!


    • I hope you get it. As a jersey enthusiast you will definitely appreciate it! I do hope you have a fabulous meetup tomorrow. If I hadn’t had previous obligations I so would have gone. Tell everyone I said ‘Hi!’ πŸ™‚


  5. Okay, seriously, you’re glowing! Love this dress on you and I imagine it’s very practical maternity wear, no? That little cardigan is so super cute too and a sweet gift – lucky baby boy!


  6. That is freaking awesome! I love the colour on you and it is super adorable. I think this is the final straw and it is time for me to cave to the Sew U Stretch. I surrender!


  7. Gorgeous dress…you simply must make another one! Too cute.
    You’re awfully welcome for the wee cardigan. Absolutely my pleasure.
    And today I bought the Clarks brogues in brown. Soooooo comfy. Thanks for the tip!


  8. I feel the same way! I always seem to have some sort of issues when I sew and pretty much always feel I’ve messed something up (however minor). I do love this dress on you, though! The color is awesome and the fit is super cute. πŸ™‚


  9. You look fabulous Mela and really glowing! This looks like the perfect dress for a transatlantic flight too – comfy and cosy! Don’t worry about the baby brain, I’m still suffering and Boy will be 3 in January!
    The cardigan Evie made your little boy is gorgeous too – he’s going to be one well dressed little lad!


    • Thank you! Maybe I should just accept baby brain might be here to stay πŸ™‚ I’m okay with that. I’ll just need to start writing rand keeping post-it notes everywhere.


  10. This dress is so cute! I love the bold, vibrant color on you. I’ve had this book in my collection for ages but have only made a t-shirt. This lovely piece is definitely persuading me to dust it off and sew something this weekend!


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