A Happy Fabric-filled Weekend

I'm baaack. Had a blast last year and I hope this year proves the same.

My weekend started with the Knitting and Stitching Show on Friday. I got there early to avoid the crowds but unfortunately could not avoid the heat. I am pretty sure the heating was on in that place. Oh brother. But at least I got to visit the stalls in peace, that is, until the place soon got packed. It was a bit tricky to maneuver through the crowds, taking a bit of patience. Luckily I made my purchases early on so I was mostly just browsing and visiting with Shivani from Pins and Needles when she had a break between classes.

Knitting and Stitiching Show goodies

I left Ally Pally quite happy, staying within my budget and finding the perfect fat quarter bundle for a new baby quilt. After getting home I took it easy because the next day was my trip to Paris!

I often come across a blog post about Paris fabric shopping but it was Karen’s one that had me book the train ticket after reading it. The trip was suppose to be a congratulatory one, having finished my sixth half marathon. Sadly I wasn’t in the fittest state to continue training and soon stopped. Sad day. But at least there was still a trip to Paris 🙂

Sacre Coeur

Following Karen’s advice, I hit the Montmartre area and I wasn’t disappointed. Fabric shops filled with heaps and heaps of fabric! I didn’t dare take a photo since there were signs saying not to. And I’m much to chicken to try it on the sly.

I went to several shops but it was at the first one that I was the most successful. They had so many fabrics I wanted but I decided on only three. At 10 Euros for three meters I found them quite reasonable priced. I wish I could have brought more home but after so many recent sewing-related purchases I decided to show a bit of restraint (for me, anyway). As for the fabrics, I see a dress in the polka dots, a circle skirt in the plaid and some Clovers in the denim.

Fabric bought in Paris, Montmare areaParis didn’t let me down, even though it rained ALL DAY, making it miserable to walk around in. Macarons were needed ASAP and they did improve my mood considerably.

Salted Caramel Macaron from LadureeToday I am resting after days of being on my feet. At the moment I am torn between making a dress and a pair of trousers next. I might have to flip a coin on that decision.


10 thoughts on “A Happy Fabric-filled Weekend

  1. Oh my gosh! I miss living in the south of England and being able to pop to Paris for the day. It’s without doubt my favourite city in the world. If The Husband could get a job there I’d be off like a shot! I’m so glad you had a lovely, lovely time. And love your purchases.


  2. shame about the rain, but your trip sounds like it was a great success (love the denim)! I really wish I could have hung out with you more on Friday – we have to arrange another little catch up soon! Amazingly, the crowds (and even the heat) died down from about 3pm – after the coach parties left – so once my workshops were over, I had a great time just browsing with ease.


  3. Wowzers, what a weekend! I love that you just popped over to Paris for a spot of fabric shopping…classic! Good luck deciding what to make next, it’ll be beautiful either way ;o)


  4. This looks fabulous! Paris is my favorite city ever too — I’ll definitely have to hit the fabric district when I make it back there (though that may not happen for a long time!). Love your finds — especially the polka dots! I’m totally into polka dots right now.


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