Ginger and the Bump

Hampstead Heath

We had gorgeous weather (AKA NO RAIN) this past weekend in London. And too afraid not to take advantage of it, Greg and I braved the chilled weather and went on a picnic Sunday. We packed some sandwiches, snackies and drinks and were off. The benefit of living in East Finchley is that we are surrounded by gorgeous parks. There are Highgate Wood, Queens Woods and Waterlow Park in Highgate. Then there’s Ally Pally in Muswell Hill. And the grandest of them all in Islington, Hampstead Heath. We are a nice leisurely 30 minute walk away from the Heath so we headed there. One of our favorite places to visit locally is Kenwood House, located north of the Heath. Unfortunately the house is closed until spring 2013 for renovations. But the grounds (including cafés and bookshop) are still open. So take a gander if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

The grounds were bustling with people who had the same idea as us. There were lots of families and couples exploring, taking in the view or playing games. We walked away from the house and found a nice spot in front of the pond.

Kenwood Estate

I bought the most beautiful Brexton picnic set ever and still have yet to use it. Sadly it still hasn’t been christened (it’s a bit heavy to carry for long). Instead we got to use the matching napkins I especially made for the set.

Me-made picnic napkins

But this post isn’t about singing the praises of Kenwood House, no matter how much I love it. It’s all about my refashioned denim Ginger skirt.

Refashioned Colette Ginger skirt

Refashioned Colette Ginger skirt

I initially felt bad cutting it up but then I remembered that it never really fit properly. And now I will be able to wear it, even if just for a few months. And the piece I cut out will work perfectly to determine how much I need to cut out in future maternity garments. Perfect.

**Oh! Did you spy my headband? Totally used the hem I cut away from my Simplicity 1998 dress as one. Little waste! Yay!**

20 thoughts on “Ginger and the Bump

  1. Gorgeous! You are glowing! And what a stylish bump! My friend is pregnant and can’t sew and she is bemoaning the lack of suitable, affordable maternity wear. I’m planning to go and visit her soon and take my machine to the rescue. I’m working on bringing her into the fold!


    • Thank you! I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t sew my maternity clothes. The cute stuff is outrageously priced and the inexpensive stuff is not so cute or doesn’t fit. You’re a great friend to help her out. She will be so thankful.


      • I’m the lucky one to have her as a friend. It does strike me that the store seem to think that pregnant mums have money to burn, or have had their sense of style squashed by the hormones.


  2. Such a great idea! I love it when things can get saved like that, especially if they were not so loved to begin with.

    And I’m totally in love with your napkins! Fabulous fabric!


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