Sewing distractions…

…caused by other sewing materials!

Many thanks to House of Pinhiero and Dibs and the Machine

A quilt and granny squares, coming up!

I was all set to finish my Simplicity 1998 dress this week, especially after a helpful fitting session with Dibs and Rachel (more on that later). But I was distracted by all the loveliness in the sewing books they got me. And of course I’ve ended up adding more things on my to-sew list. Like it wasn’t long enough. Oh brother. But thankfully I am okay if some things are put on hold (Juniper maternity trousers, you’re next) and if I flutter about here and there.

Are you easily distracted by shiny objects? I so totally am.

11 thoughts on “Sewing distractions…

  1. Hee hee I am so easily distracted! I actually bought the Built by Wendy book this week. I really need to stop being scared of knits. The Anna Maria Horner one looks gorgeous too.


  2. Oh, gosh, I’m SO easily distracted! And I’m the kind of person who always has too many projects in the works, so I flit back and forth between them and it takes me ages to finish any one thing! Ugh!

    LOVE the fabrics you’ve chosen for the quilt!


    • I find it harder to sit and finish a project. But it sometimes works in my favor because I get less frustrated. So at least there’s that. That was the first fat quarter bundle that made me hit the ‘buy’ button. Quite excited and nervous to cut into it.


  3. I can hear my husband howling with laughter…it’s the thing about me that annoys him. Thankfully he’s a patient man! Book reviews needed. They look splendid.


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