Fall/Winter Sewing Plans and a Huge THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for your congratulations, your great pattern suggestions and for just being straight up AWESOME. We’re super excited, and having kept the news to ourselves for three months now, it feels great to finally share it. I seriously wanted to scream it to the world but managed not to. Big deal, y’all. Big deal. Anyhow, I really appreciate your kind words and it really truly made my day. Thank you.

So, fall/winter sewing plan! I am thinking dresses, underpinnings and separates. The usual, I guess. As always I may have an ambitious list on my hands. I always have the best intentions of sewing everything on my list. But just like a goldfish I get easily distracted by shiny objects. So my plan will be loosely followed. But with that said I have already made a pair of Clovers (sneaky me didn’t show you the knit waistband I had added) and the Groovy Liberty dress. Using Zo’s great maternity tutorial I have adjusted the Tiny Pocket Tank and the Renfrew top. All I have to do sew it up. So I am definitely on my way to making good progress through my list.

I have a lot of patterns. I am not going to lie. I sat down one afternoon and looked at them and put aside the ones I thought could be adapted for maternity wear. I then narrowed the pack smaller by considering a few things:

1) Is it a quick, relatively easy make? I don’t want to invest a lot of time on a complicated pattern I won’t be able to wear a few months postpartum.
2) Will it be easy to fit/adapt to belly? Again, don’t want too much complications. Hoping to stick to mostly knit fabrics. Hoping to become a jersey-sewing pro!
3) How likely am I to wear said pattern? I have to be smart in picking my print and fabric because I’d hate to get bored with it quickly. And it has to be comfortable. If not, to the back of the closet it will go and remain.
4) How likely am I to sew a pattern while heavily pregnant? Do I need to make sure the clothes I make can be grown into in a few months (yay knits!)?
5) Can the tops and bottoms easily make various outfits? Are they good layering pieces with the dresses? I really want to layer this fall. I found a great site for inspiration.
6) Refashion, refashion, refashion. There are quite a few items in my closet that need some life breathed back into them. My denim Ginger has always fit snug around the waist so I am considering replacing the waistband with a knit one.

So what’s next on my sewing table? I am currently washing some mustard Ponte Roma knit I bought last week. I’m hoping it will look great made up into this:


Hope y’all have a great week! And many thanks again 🙂


25 thoughts on “Fall/Winter Sewing Plans and a Huge THANK YOU!

  1. I REALLY like that pattern. I could make it for me, couldn’t I, even sans baby bump? May I ask where you bought your ponti? I’m desperate to make something with ponti and the UK suppliers seem thin on the ground.


    • It’s totally not a maternity pattern so you can definitely sport it. I bought it from Rolls and Rems on Seven Sisters Road. It was in the remnants bin. I saw a cream colored one as well. Not sure if they had any more in the shop. Might be worth calling to see?


  2. I am intrigued by your mention of a “knitted waistband”. So… do you wear it under the bump? Or is it a big tum-shaped insert? I can’t imagine being able to wear a Ginger skirt through pregnancy. Prove me wrong! 😉


  3. Very cute! Part of me wants to have another baby so I can get some of Megan Nielsen’s maternity patterns. Then I decide I don’t want the patterns THAT much — at least not yet!


  4. Ooh, it will be so fun to see what you make! I just cut out a little “capsule wardrobe” last night for my preggo sister, two stretchy skirts and two wrap tops that can all be mixed and matched. Jersey seems to be a good bet– so forgiving and washable! Looking forward to seeing your makes!


  5. I missed your last post – congratulations!! That dress is going to look great on you – I really look forward to seeing your inspired maternity wardrobe – I totally failed at making anything at all for mine! 🙂


  6. Congratulations! That’s great news and I’m sure it will be fun to sew for the bump and the future too! I think some of your sewing will really translate well to maternity clothes.


  7. Loving the sewing plans. That simplicity dress is lovely. Seeing all these autumn sewing plans is getting me all fired up for my own very long list – too bad I have so little time now I’m officially a student again! I’ll have to control myself to just one or two makes this autumn / winter I think. 😦


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