My Trouser Fitting Resources

In my last post I completely forgot to mention what sources I used to help dissect my fit issues. Colette’s Pants Fitting Cheat Sheet is helpful when it came down to figuring out how to alter the pattern.

As a visual learner I often find photographs/videos more helpful than descriptions or directions. This resource came in handy because it offered a few pictures of problem fit areas. I found the PDFs on Special Alterations for Pants and Personal Measurement Chart very helpful. Another resource worth bookmarking is Tasia’s post on helpful trouser/pant fitting resources.

Coming up…looking to fix these issues and have a final pair of Clovers to share.

Fitting issues left to fix: baggy knees and horizontal lines on the back thighs.

And if someone sees the sun can you please tell it it’s needed over here, ASAP.

Also, check me out over on Colette’s blog! I remember that day, it was a bright sunshine one πŸ™‚

Thank you to Colette Patterns for the feature!

29 thoughts on “My Trouser Fitting Resources

  1. Good for you for battling through those fitting issues. I am terrified of pants and am steering clear from them for awhile. Congrats on being featured on Colette’s blog! How exciting! And that dress is fab.


  2. These posts are so inspiring! Your clovers are almost perfect and they look great! I am also terrified of fitting pants but I really want some clovers. Watching you identify and solve your fitting issues made me feel that maybe I could work through mine. And I will gladly send you some sun, if you would, please send some rain!!!


    • I’d love for you to send some sun. *Sigh* If only it was that easy πŸ™‚ You definitely can work through a pair of Clovers. What helped me was spreading the fitting over a few days. That helped me really think about possible fixes when I was away from them. I also didn’t feel pressure to figure it out all at once. Hope your fitting goes well when it’s time to work on them!


  3. Well done for sticking with the Clovers! just the thought of trouser fitting gives me the heebeejeebees! And congrats on being featured on the Coletterie! so well-deserved πŸ™‚ x


  4. Alas, I do not have any great advice for fitting pants but I am super impressed with what you have done already. I’m about to buckle down and try and crack the code (no pun intended) of pants that sit at the right place and fit. Great list of resources. And your yellow dress below is so gorgeous! I spied you on the Colette blog today, too. Love your style!


  5. Congratulations melizza!! I saw the post and smiled at such a perfect choice for your palette outfit ( and you do have a many lovelies don’t you?)
    I should bookmark online trousers resources too, good idea, you’re looking like you’re getting somewhere…..


    • Thank you! I have been enjoying this trouser-fitting puzzle. It’s quite a fun challenge for me. I say that now, I may not say the same thing when I decide to try a new trouser pattern. Ha!


  6. On your pants fitting issue: Looks like you may have a slight knock knee issue. I do as well. The fitting fix is in the book “Fast Fit” by Sandra Betzina on pages 188/189. It works wonders! It’s a great purchase for your sewing library! Quick fixes and photos – my kind of book! Hope this helps! Visit my blog too! Found you on Colette and you looked so cute in your dress!


  7. I have been too afraid to tackle the fitting issues of these. I’m so impressed with the improvements you have made. It is strange how decreasing one seam on pants require you to increase another. You seem to be finding a good balance.


  8. I have to say these Clovers are really looking amazing. You’re so nearly there! I love the Palmer Pletsch trouser books for fitting…they really worked for me. I cannot wait to see these finished.


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