On the sewing table: Simplicity 4212


I was lucky to pick up a lovely vintage pattern from Kestrel Finds and Makes at the Crafters’ Celidih. I was quite excited because at the time I didn’t own a vintage pattern. They intimidated me (and still do!) so I stayed clear from them. But I like a challenge and this pattern is proving to be a nice one. When reading the directions I felt as though I was deciphering a puzzle, jumping from one direction to another. I experienced a few hiccups (more due to the delicate cotton voile I was using) but I managed to put the blouse together.


With the muslin almost done I feel as though the shirt is reminiscent of a bowling shirt.

But I am not one to give up. I managed to grade this bad boy up quite a bit (from a bust size 40 to 44). And I am quite relieved that I don’t have a lot of adjustments to make to the pattern.


But I am left wondering, lace or no lace? I’m thinking matching the lace and fabric more appropriately might help it look less bowling-ish. Maybe? If I go sans lace the lovely tucks in the blouse will show, which I’d prefer. And well, it’ll guarantee that I won’t look like I am off to compete for my bowling league.

26 thoughts on “On the sewing table: Simplicity 4212

  1. Good job grading up the pattern!!!! If you stick with the black I would probably just have the lace on the cuffs. If you go with a color closer to the coral than I can see that looking less bowling shirt-like.


  2. Oh yay, so glad you made it up! I think either tucks or a lace closer to the fabric colour. Well done on your foray into vintage patterns too πŸ™‚


  3. Wow, you’ve done an excellent job grading this! I love the lace round the cuffs, but maybe it would look less bowling-like if the front lace was a colour more similar to the shirt.


  4. Well I wouldn’t have made the bowling shirt connection! To me it looks like a really funky vintage-inspired blouse… that I wouldn’t have thought of wearing with jeans because my brain would have shouted at me to wear a skirt and it would have gone way too sugary! I would keep the lace. Otherwise it is “just” a simple pink blouse – a very nice one, but THIS version makes me look twice! Great fit!!!


  5. I wouldn’t have made the connection between the bowling shirt either! I think that it is funky and fun! I think that letting the tucks show and just adding bits of lace to the sleeve cuffs and the collar would be really cute too. Pattern grading is tricky (I struggle with it also) but it looks like you did a nice job!


  6. Great grading as always- & for it to be your first vintage pattern, that’s great – not such a big deal after all is it?! But I remember being scared just like you…..
    As for the pattern – ADORE – I am particularly taken by the 3/4 flounced sleeves…. anyway, ahem, back to yours, I too wouldn’t have made the bowling connection! I like the pink & the black lace does funk it up, doesn’t it. However I’m not sure how much lace, I think I’d sew to cuffs & then see if I wanted it on the front as well, decide after that.


  7. Melizza, the colour of your new blouse is lovely! I reckon leave the lace on the cuffs, but not the blouse itself. *Maybe* add some to the collar (it might look funny though).
    Ooh, what about along the bottom of the blouse? Too much?
    I am so impressed that you looked your fear in the eye and sewed up a vintage pattern AND that you graded it up – I have two that I’m too scared to do that with…. I should follow your inspiring lead!


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