Me and Me-Made-May ’12

I’ve been wanting to participate in a me-made challenge since I first read about it a year ago. Sadly at the time I only had an apron and a skirt in my me-made closet. “Oh well, maybe next time…,” I thought. Well, next time is next month for me. After meeting Zoe this weekend, and getting some great suggestions as to how to go about Me-Made-May my way, I decided to jump in feet first and do it.

“I, Melizza of Pincushion Treats, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavor to wear a me-made garment or accessory at least three days a week for the duration of May 2012.”

I am quite bad about not going through my closet when looking for something to wear. I gravitate to my flavor of the month, be it a t-shirt or pair of jeans that I will wear to death. One Pattern One week taught me to think beyond my go-to outfits. I became more thoughtful in what I wore and loved how I looked every day. Now if I can feel like that for most of May I will be one happy bunny. And surely I will pick up some good habits along the way. I’m looking forward to marrying my forgotten ready-to-wear clothes with my me-made garments and accessories and seeing what new outfits come of it.

22 thoughts on “Me and Me-Made-May ’12

  1. Oo – this sounds like a brilliant idea! I really wanted to take part in MMM this year too, but it’s coming around so quickly and I don’t think I’ll have enough me-makes to keep a whole month interesting. But if you don’t mind, I might borrow this idea and do 3 or 4 days a week for the month instead.

    ps, how’s your fitting skirt coming along? x


  2. Well done on joining in! This is my third, and it does get easier. But I have to also say that you start getting very inventive with what’s in your wardrobe! I think by taking photos every day I worked out what was working/flattering and what wasn’t so managed to weed out what was no good for me. It is always liberating in the end!

    Hope you enjoy it!


    • How funny! I just found your blog this morning and here you are leaving a comment. Photos are so honest, aren’t they? They often tell it how it is. Maybe by the end of the month I will be donating or re-fashioning some not-so-flattering items.

      Your OWOP outfits were so fun. Looking forward to what you do with Me-Made-May.


  3. When I read about this challenge, I thought: Oh no no no I can´t, I don´t have enough me-made garments. But reading your post and your idea… I think that I can if I wear 3 or 4 every week.
    Thanks for this brilliant idea!


    • Zoe said the challenge is about making it our own and keeping it…well…challenging. I think three days or more a week will be quite challenging for a lot of newbie sewists like me.


  4. I cannot wait to see what you pull together! Your OWOP outfits were amazing. I’m ducking out this year, but next year…..


  5. I can’t wait to see what you wear! I bet some of your me-made items get to looking new once you have to figure out how to pair them in different ways. So fun!


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