Island-inspired sewing

May is getting closer and closer and it brings a long ago booked holiday (Crete!). I thought it was still far in the future but…nope. It sneaked up on me and my plans to sew my vacation wardrobe might be thwarted. Might! I still have time to make a handful of pieces. Assuming I get the fit okay I hope to pack these (mostly button-up) beauties in my suitcase:

View A in chambray View C in cotton lawn, w/o lace maybe

Darling Ranges in linen View A in cotton poplin

View C in cotton

I totally jumped on the Lobster fabric bandwagon :). Freya and I were browsing on Goldhawk Road recently and we instantly snapped some up when we saw it. I settled to make it into a skirt because I don’t think my lady lumps can pull it off in a dress.

Another pattern that I am planning to finally make is the Sewaholic’s Renfrew. Marie’s gorgeous takes on this simple T settled it for me: must make now. I have some plain red and coral jerseys in my stash that I can use but I will be on the look out for stripey ones at Walthamstow market this weekend.

So that’s my sewing plan for April. It should keep me nice and busy.

31 thoughts on “Island-inspired sewing

  1. Oh yay – the vintage Simplicity blouse was my contribution at the CC swap, I’m so pleased to see that you’re planning to make it. Love the look of that Lisette dress too.


  2. I LOOOOVE your lobster fabric! That is going to be one amazing skirt! The View A Traveler dress is on my spring list too – I was even thinking about starting it this weekend, unless we’re blessed with nice weather. I’m making mine in blue and white striped seersucker πŸ™‚


  3. Oh wow, what beautiful makes you have lined up! I also have that lobster print and I’m planning a shirt dress I think! Thanks also for the mention, you are very kind!

    Do I take it you’re going to the Wlathampstow meet-up on Saturday…please say yes! I am too ;o)


  4. Wow, that is an impressive line-up of lovely items. I dream of making a vacation wardrobe for big holidays but never quite pull it off. I hope you do -it would be so much fun!


  5. Melizza, it was sooo nice to meet you on Saturday! I really hope we meet again before you head back to US, and PLEASE let me know if/when you head down to Brighton. I’d love to buy you a drink


  6. Great lineup! The Lisette dress is so comfortable and will be perfect for vacation. I too am quite envious of the lobster fabric :-). Can’t wait to see everything sewn up!


  7. S2451 is awesome. I am loving the one I made and am about to cut out fabric for another (which is a rarity for me). I have the Lisette pattern and had cut it out a while ago then I got distracted by something shiny and put it away again.


    • I made it and love it. I definitely will make it again as soon as I have time. I’ve seen it in various fabrics and it looks like a new skirt every time. Very versatile.


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