OWOP: Day 3 with Madhatter Ginger

The lovely Rachel and I planned a baking date ages ago. And today was finally the day that we met to bake to our heart’s content. No tut-tutting over calories or substituting regular for diet. Oh no.

Rachel had a great idea to bake with a theme in mind. We decided to bake all the goodies (cakes, scones, and French macarons) for a nice afternoon tea. Minus the tea. But lots of yummy rosé wine.

Afternoon Tea

Ack! Rachel made us matching aprons! The adorableness is too much, I warn you…

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea


Yes, lots of yummy rosé wine.






Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

We did manage to take our OWOP pic for the day. And then we went back in for seconds.

Afternoon Tea


A great day. A great day indeed.


27 thoughts on “OWOP: Day 3 with Madhatter Ginger

  1. You guys made all that? That’s amazing! My mouth is watering at the thought. I can see you getting gently sozzled there in the sunshine. Jealous! Beautiful aprons too – domestic goddesses!


  2. OMG, how cute are you two!?! Love this post and the pictures of your baked goods/wine are very professional looking. The matching aprons are adorable, as is your outfit ;o)


  3. You girls are so cute with matching aprons! That tea spread looks so yummy, I wish I was there!
    And oh my gosh, I love your Alice skirt!! It’s the perfect thing to wear to tea 🙂


  4. It looks like you two had so much fun! All the pictures are gorgeous. They really made me want a glass of rose. And an apron. And an Alice-in-Wonderland Ginger!


  5. You look like you had an absolute blast! And how perfect are your macarons?! I still think that your wonderland ginger is my favourite, even though it may take a little more chutzpah to pull it off. I just love the fabric!


  6. I´ve just found your blog and you have fantastics sewing projects.
    The photo shoot is so funny and all look yummy! But the best are your aprons and your ginger skirt, I love them!!


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