OWOP: Day 2 with Crochet Trim Ginger

Thank you for all the lovely comments on Denim Ginger! I will definitely keep blue and red combos in mind for future makes.

I made this Ginger last week, using leftover crochet trim from my first Jasmine blouse. I loved the way it peeked out under my jacket.

Ginger with Crochet Trim

I kept the skirt simple, using some remnant black cotton twill. I didn’t have a black skirt in my closet until I made this one. Glad I made it because a black skirt will prove useful. It’s easy to dress up or down and matches everything easily.

Ginger with Crochet Trim

The best thing about black bottoms is making them pop with a bit of color. I may be in the running for Cardigan Queen; I can’t get enough of them.

Ginger with Crochet Trim

The waistband camouflages against my black tank/vest top but the curves still show a bit. Subtle and sweet. I’m really looking forward to styling this skirt with solid and patterned tops*.

I apologize for another short entry. My brain is mush from the fitting workshop. Who knew two days of pinning, observing and toile-making could be so exhausting?

*must make more tops!

11 thoughts on “OWOP: Day 2 with Crochet Trim Ginger

    • I don’t have the Sewaholic pattern but I’ve been thinking about adding it to my collection. It’s such a flattering top. I haven’t seen a version online that I haven’t liked.


  1. Nice! I love it with the green, but I bet the skirt looks fantastic with the mustard jasmine as well, with the lace tying it all together! I just cut out Ginger skirt #5 – it’s one of the best patterns out there, isn’t it?


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